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GROUP 29: Mines Group

• Names in red have posted biographies/pics.
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Don Beck
San Diego, CA
& Aclare, Ireland
Jules Beck
Fayetteville, AK
Karen Ostenso

Minneapolis, MN
Bianca Bloom
Martin Bloom
Jim Ciotti
Tallahassee, FL
(Bill) McCabe Coolidge
Floyd, VA

Tom Finan
Cumberland, MD
Jeff Fletcher
Washington, D.C.

Tom Gale
Glen Ellyn, IL
Ernie Grieshaber
Mankata, MN
John Griffith

Jim Kauppi
Allegan, MI
Sue Bowman
Loudon, TN

Doug Langan
Wilmington, NC
Pat Scribner
Pete McBrady
Trish (Patty)

Tucson, AZ
Allen Moore
McLean, VA
Julia (Judy) Moore
Galisteo, NM
Bob Pruitt
Wolcottville, IN

Mary Isabel
Scott Reed
John Smith
Clear Lake, WA
Dwight Steen
Denver, CO
Peggy Steen
Denver, CO
Garry Stutheit
David White
Little Canada, MN

Joan Velasquez

St. Paul, MN
Jim Wright
McLean, VA
Martin Zone
• Names in red have posted biographies/pics.
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Gino Baumann
Coyal de Alajuela,
Costa Rica
Al Ferraro
Dr. WIlliam Fox
Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Bill Keck
Akron, OH
Lee Arbuckle
Wadman Daly

• Names in red have posted biographies/pics.

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Ginny Atherton
Tujunga, CA
Group 12
Larry Crowley
Boise, ID
Group 31
Dave Dolson
Sacramento, CA
Group 33
Pat Edwins
San DIego,CA
Group 36
Michael Fox
Fort Collins, CO
Group 34
Peter Hansen
Asención, Paraguay
Group 36
Kirk Harder
Durand, MI
Group 34
Michael Hirsh
Lima, Peru
Group 39
Wally Higgins
Newton, MA
Group 34
Dennis Holt
Felton, CA
Group 23
Stacy (Bill) Rhodes
Washington DC
Group 34
Carol Romey
San Juan ,PR
Group 33
Miguel Schieche
Spokane, WA
Group 40
Peter Stubben
Rock Park, NY
Group 36
Anne Terborgh
Arlington, VA
Group 5
• Names in red have posted remembrances and / or pictures.
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Broghamer, Barbara
died 1989
Group 30
Bullitt, John
Coolidge, Cathy
died 2003

Group 29
Cortinas, Amelia
Group 36
Danker, Marshall
Davis, Larry
Group 32
Darling, Joy
Group ?
Doran, Ella
Group 1
Dunne, Dennis
died 2006

Group 30
Fulton, Charlie
died 2006

Frye, Linda
died 2001
Group ?
Grimala, Walt
Group 31
Hudson, Joe
Group 34
Jacks, Tom
Group 28
Johnson, Jean
Kus, Joe
Group 36
LeBow, Robert
Staff Doctor
Lefkowits, Leo
Group 31
Lund, Callie
Group 1
Marquez, Marge
Group 12
McAlpin, Frank
Group 33
Nunley, John
Group 31
Peabody-Brown, Anne
Group 1
Peterson, Dennis
Group ?
Pollock, Craig
Group 36
Schabarum, Tom
Group 1
Smatla, John
Group ?
Smith, Sandra
died 1971
Group 32





Spence, David
Group 32
Stammer, Ron
Group ?
VanDerley, John
Group 1



Send us Your Bio and Pictures

Look at the Bios section -- check what's in your Bio and others as well...

Complete a Bio -- Download Word Format Template
......Below is what the template looks like -- should have been sent you.
2. Include a picture--at least one current of yourself to add to pic in training bio
3. Share pictures from service--any that you might have
.......We can scan any you do not have digitized and return the picture(s).
4..Sharing memories will bring up more...
......We can always add more later to your bio or post in Messages section.

Please email (or mail) your bio to Don or Jeff to put online.


City, State
1967 Training
Biography from 1967 booklet
You can see this, already online under your bio...Check it out.


At least one of you...
• and any more you care to share...
• any digital format OR we can scan -- and return -- for you.

and Work

Town (July 1967 ---to )
Town (from--July 1969 )

• What place(s) were you stationed (in PC)
• What types of work/jobs did you do (a few words or more, as you wish)


Short descripton or narrative of what/where you've been up to since Bolivia
hobbies, interests, family...
• Work? Studies? Family? Writings? Readings?
• Recreation? Hobbies? Volunteer work? Politics?
• Where have you lived since PC?
• Ever been back to Bolivia?

PC In Your Life

• (How) Did your PC experience affect your "life after PC"?

• Any groups or organizations you think are doing the good things that exemplify what you think PC was/is for you

Best/Worst PC Experience

• What were the best things about your PC Experience?
• ...worst things about your PC experience?

• Or just special things you remember

RPCV Groups

(such as, Amigo de Bolivia y Peru, NPCA, RPCV afiliates, other volunteer or helping groups.., etc...)

In the Future
What are your plans for immediate/long term future?
Favorites to Share
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