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Karen Ostenso (Beck)
Minneapolis, MN
1967 Training Biography

Karen Jeanette Beck
From Montevedio, Minnesota, and a recent graduate of the University of Minneapolis, Karen, 22, has lived on a farm most of her life . Travel has taken her to Europe, Morocco, Czechoslovakia, as well as to the interior of Alaska. She has worked as a nurse's aide, in hospital food service, and as a clerk.

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Potosi (July 1967 -- 69)

Jules and I had just married before entering training in 1967 and ended up divorced in about 1980. We do have one son.

Since leaving Potosi in 1969, I have gotten a degree in physical therapy from the Univ of Minn and have worked as a PT since 1974. I have always worked at Gillette Childrens in St Paul, which specializes in working with children with disabilities. It has been a very rewarding, and constantly challenging career.
When I read what other volunteers have accomplished after their service, I feel like I have been leading a very mundane and nonproductive life. I am impressed how many persons have done related work and had careers that dovetail with their Peace Corps experience


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The primary relevancy of the Peace Corps experience to my subsequent life is related to my choice of career. Before Bolivia, I had never considered PT as a career. While there, I saw several people with disabilities move about on small platforms with casters, propelling by pushing their hands on the ground. It seemed to me there had to be a better way. A great deal of my work has been related to wheelchair propulsion and related supportive seating.

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