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Sue Bowman (Kauppi)
Loudon, TN
1967 Training Biography

Susan Kay Kauppi
Susan, 22, wife of James Douglas Kauppi, is an R.N. from Bronson Methodist Hospital School of Nursing, Kalamazoo, Michigan. She continued in hospital  nursing in Dearborn and Lansing, Michigan. She has a wide variety of sports interests: tennis, swimming, skating, skiing, horseback riding, and canoeing. She also plays the piano and enjoys art, poetry, and writing. Susan calls Lansing her home.

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(1) As a volunteer Sue in the cold mines area of Atocha... Brrrrr!
(2) Sue & grandaughter Paige rooting for "Team Kauppi"--2 sons in Iron Man competition.
(3) Stenn & Sue Bowman and grandchildren Paige & Preston Kauppi.

and Work
Atocha (July 1967-1968 )
Santa Cruz (1968-July 1969 )

After returning home from the PC, Jim and I had two children. Jeffrey David in 1970 and Phillip John in 1973. Both have grown up to be wonderful, productive, caring men.

I worked throughout their childhood as an RN is Battle Creek, Michigan. During this time I earned my BSA degree. In 1984, Jim and I divorced. I continued to work and also went on to earn my MSN degree.

In 1992, I remarried to Stenn Bowman. We moved to Detroit where I taught at Madonna University for a year, then worked in a Cardiology office as the nursing supervisor and cardiac rehab nurse. We tired of the big city, long, fast commutes, so moved to a lake/ golf community outside of Knoxville, TN. I continued to work as an MDS coordinator in a skilled nursing/rehab center.

Outside of work I golf, boat, garden, read, knit, scrap book. My oldest son and his family (wife and two children) live in Nashville, TN and come often. Both of my sons are athletes...starting out in tri-athelons, marathons and now are doing Iron Men competitions...the last 3 they have competed in together and the whole family goes to cheer them on.

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In the Future

I plan on retiring in 3 years.

That's it in a nutshell! I won't be able to attend the August reunion because we'll be cheering the boys on in another Iron Man in Louisville, KY. I'm so happy to have finally connected to some of my old PC friends. I have so many good memories of those times. By the way, I don't remember ever making bread, but I did make a mean pizza!

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