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David Spence
Group 32
Training Biography

David A Spence
Dave is 22 years old and comes from Salinas, California, where he attended Salinas High School and graduated in 1963. He went to Stanford University and received a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering in 1968.

Dave has worked as a clerk , utility operator, stock boy, bartender, and engineering technician. His hobby is sporets, especially baseball.

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Location and Work

Paracaya, Cochabamba 1968-71
Civil Engineer, Dave worked on CD office in Cochabamba.


Worked in Civil Engineering in Oklahoma, Tulsa area, where his Boivian wife survives. Three kids, I think. --unsigned.


"Very hard working guy. He did a lot of the work on the suspension bridge we built over the Rifle River in Michigan for our training, in 1968. The bridge is still there." --Bill Baedke

"One of the best of all volunteers, was qite an extraordinary person. Driven, he left broad legacies in Bolivia. Bridges, water systems, road, etc. -- Unsigned.