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Sandra Smith
Group 32 - Died in service in 1971
Training Biography

Sandra L. Smith
Sandry is 21 years old and comes from Rexford, New York. She attended Clarence Central High SCool in Clarence, New Yor and graduated in 1964. She went on to the University of Rochester, where she majored in English.

Sandy has worked as a waitress and a copy-writer. Her hobbies are sewing and gardening. She has traveled to Canada and Mexico.


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Location and Job




Sandra died of a brain hemorrhage during service in La Paz in ’71. I talked with her just a few hours before she died, while she was waiting to see the Peace Corps doctor. She said she had a terrible headache and could barely stand. Tragically, she died while the doctor was rushing her to the clinic in Obrajes.

A school was built in her honor: Escuela Sandra Smith in Villa Esperanza, El Alto, Bolivia. Her very sad funeral service was attended by many volunteers, staff, and Bolivians. Gino Baumann gave the closing remarks. --Sharen & Pete Gendebein