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Michael Hirsh
Lima, Peru
Training Biography

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(1) Michale & Aracely Hirsh, from their recent wedding in Peru.

and Work

Bolivia: Punata, Cochabamba (1970-71)
Rural Electrification Group 39 (worked with the Rural Electric Cooperative of Punata)

Peru: Lima, Peru (2006-10)
Country Director PC/Peru


Much of my career has been with USAID (Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, and Peru). 

I also have been a PC staff member three times (Program and Training Officer in Ecuador in the 1980s; Country Director in the Dominican Republic in the 1990s; and currently Country Director in Peru). 

Also spent 12 years in San Diego, nine of which working for a local nonprofit.

PC In Your Life

PC got me interested in the field of international development, where I have spent much of my career.  I'm a firm believer in grass-roots development


Best/Worst PC Experience

Unfortunately, PC was ousted from Bolivia during my service.  I wish we could have finished.  The best part was the friendships made with fellow Volunteers and with many Bolivians

RPCV Groups

I’m a member of Amigos and NPCA.

In the Future
Starting a second family, I'm pretty much committed to working for the next 20 years.  Will probably return to San Diego when my stint as Country Director in Peru ends in 2010.
Favorites to Share

South American food; South American women; travel; adventure.