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Peter Stubben
Rock Park, NY
Training Biography

A Peter le gustan casi todos los deportes y sabe algo de pelota de mano, baseball, y basketball. En una oportunidad trabajo en una hacienda, y por esta razon le gustaria trabajar en la produccion de trigo cuando preste sus servicios en el Cuerpo de Paz.

Edad: 21 anos
Estudios: Titulo de la Univ. de Holy Cross
Especialidad: Economia

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(1) Pete Stubben - recently - with 'The Charging Bull' located just outside his Wall street office in Bowling Green Park...NYC's oldest park, where colonial patriots melted down George III's statue for rifle shot.
(2) Picture of Peter in service from Article in Coop Magazine 1971.

and Work
Mizque ( 1969--71 )
Production Agriculture Catalyst – Savings & Credit Coop Advisor

Following PC-Bolivia,
-- recruited Ag PCV’s in Upper-Midwest for 2 years;
-- took MS in Ag Business from UW-Platteville, WI;
-- 4-Yr Ag Marketing Manager for Chicago Mercantile Exchange…principally hosting ‘Farm Forums’ thru-out rural America to explain/promote/hype livestock & grain hedging;
-- Founding Member, New York Futures Exchange…’scalped’ financial futures in trading pit for 11 years;
--Commodities Trader & Futures Consultant <Institute for Financial Futures> last 10 years or so. 

• Family: Single, never married.

• Writings: Op-Ed pieces around town, etc., etc.  No great American novel.

• Readings:
--Favorite Travel Work: “Into The Heart of Borneo”
--Funniest: “A Confederacy of Dunces”; “The Education of Hyman Kaplan”; “The Cheese Monkeys”
--Best Wall Street “Liar’s Poker”

• Recreation Hobbies? Volunteer work? Politics?
-- Ski
-- Scuba Amnesty International
– Human Rights Foundation
– Lighthouse for the Blind.
-- Founding Member, Rockaway Republicans

• Ever been back to Bolivia? Regrettably, No

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Worst: Purple Burps

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Remake Futures Trading Into an Investor-Friendly Marketplace.

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To Do Is To Be – Socrates; To Be Is To Do – Plato; Do Be, Do Be, Doo – Sinatra