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Peter Hansen
Asunción, Paraguay
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and Work
Padilla (Chuquisaca) ( 1968--1971)
Worked with local savings and loan coops on keeping their accounts and preventing collapse.  Also, with local extension agent on introducing improved wheat seed with fertilizer.

Following the expulsion of PC in 1971, and a three month jaunt down the coast of Chile to Puerto Montt, I entered graduate school at Georgetown Univ. in Washington DC and received a MA in Economics in 1974.  With a stroke of luck, I landed a summer research job in the World Bank, and worked my way up as a country economist, spending about 15 years on Africa (eg, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Cameroon), two years in Paris, five years in the country credit risk department, three on Kyrgyzstan, and from 1998, as resident representative of the Bank in Paraguay.  I retired from the Bank this May, and am now residing in Paraguay.

Interests include visiting national parks, hiking, skiing, bicycling (several regional tours in France) and the stock market.

I returned to Bolivia on a short visit with my family to La Paz and from there across Lake Titicaca to Cusco and Machu Pichu in Peru.

PC In Your Life

Peace Corps nurtured my interest in development economics and opened several doors for me throughout my career at the World Bank.

Some groups I like: World Wildlife Fund, several local NGOs in Paraguay

Best/Worst PC Experience

-- Learning spanish
-- Preventing the meltdown of the local coop
-- Traveling in So. America, and
-- General cross cultural experience, including good times with Bolivian friends my age -- still in contact with one.

-- Many lonely moments

RPCV Groups

In the Future

Starting a new life in Paraguay.  Perhaps something in reforestation.

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