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Miguel Schieche
Spokane, WA
Training Biography
  B.A.Central Washington State, 1970. Majors: English & Philosophy Minor: Anhtropology

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and Work
Tiraque, Cochabamba ( 1970--1971)
Wheat and spud production. Group 40. Left Bolivia when all of Bolivia was thrown out of Bolivia in 1971.

I went with the group to Ecuador, and then to Don Figueres' beautiful Costa Rica. Ended up in Ag. Training group in India, where Kannada was relatively easy, since it used prefixes and suffixes in a similar manner to Quechua (just ask Stephen Kraft!)

From India I went home to Washington, married, worked as a ranch hand and grounds keeper.

Re-entered the Peace Corps with my wife Sharon, a.k.a. Rasco, for two years, 1973-1975, in Nicaragua, Ag. extension, and then two years, 1975-1977, in Ecuador, home garden and avocados.

Back to the states, a divorce, some time as a parks worker, then the county road department, then in 1979, a Letter Carrier here in Spokane, WA.

Retired with thirty [years] (5 Peace Corps counted!), in 2004, and have been living the good life ever since. If you folks get a chance to retire, you will not regret it!

PC In Your Life

My time in Peace Corps was a true gift to me. One's whole being is altered by the experiences. And you can't change back, even if you wanted to. I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything.

Thanks J.F.K ---hell of notion!

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