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Carol Romey
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Training Biography
Carol M. Romey
Carol attends the University of California at Berkeley, where her major is Sociology.  She is interested in sports and sewing, and enjoys playing games with ideas. Carol hope sto earn a Master’s Degree in Sociology and perhaps, in the future, work in the field of community develoment with the United Nations

More Recent

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and Work
Chapare (1968 -- 1970) Group 33
Judy Costlow and I worked in rural community development.  We helped set up a community  library,  we taught a little bit of Spanish, worked on the introduction of soy bean nutrition into local diet, and worked a little on health matters related to child mortality.

After the Peace Corps, I returned to UC Berkeley and obtained a masters in Criminology.

In 1970, I married Carlos Ramos and we moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico where we both began teaching at the University of Puerto Rico.  I taught in the university system until 2000. 

I obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology In 1981 from the Caribbean Center for Advanced Studies, San Juan and then specialized in Forensic Psychology at the California School of Professional Psychology, Berkeley campus (1985-86).  I have been teaching, clinical supervision and in private practice most of the time.  Since 2000, I am working full time in private practice in the area of forensic psychology.

Carlos and I have three daughters and four grandchildren. All live and work In Puerto Rico.

PC In Your Life

With the Peace Corps experience, I feel proud to have played a part in a significant movement.  I have always favored civil rights movements and the rights of disadvantaged sectors.  For me the Peace Corps experience certified my confidence that this type of work is not only very important but also it can be done and we can be effective. 

After Bolivia, I know I can live anywhere and adapt to anything.  I feel that I passed a test and came out the better person

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In the Future

I am looking at 10-15 more years of private practice and training in the forensic area.  I hope to be able to shift to a greater portion of pro-bono work and give technical help to disadvantaged legal clients (Legal Aid and Legal Services).  It is important to my husband and myself that we are available to help out with our daughters and their families as they progress in their professional careers.  We are definitely grandchildren-dependent and love it.

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