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Marge Marquez
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Picture from Ginny Atherton of Marge (at right) in service.
Location and Job

Altiplano and LaPaz 1964-66
Group 12, University Teacher.







Marge's manner was remarkable, resourceful, cheerful and adventurous. She was equally sociable with campesinos and diplomats. Her interests included human rights, music, reading, poetry and walking. She liked Toblerone and Swiss Chocolate bars, exotic ice cream and fresh pineapple. During training in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Marge taught me how to carve a pineapple, which we ate right there on the beach. She was our "senior" volunteer, who turned (gasp!) 50 during training.

Always a pioneer, Marge was a draftsperson for Aerospace in Connecticut. After PC service, she volunteered for archeological digs in the US, advocated for senior healthcare, co-edited a pithy senior newsletter--Harvest Age--with her 4th hubby, Walter Wade, who predeceased her. She was also a Grey Panther and a delegate to the "Senior Senate" in Sacramento.

In the later 70's Marge and Walt signed up to be lookouts for the Forest Service. Employment required that only maried couples man the towers, so the friends married. --Ginny Atherton, Group 12.