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Kirk Harder
Durand, MI
Training Biography
Mientras estudiaba para obtener su título en historía de la Univ. del Estada de Michigan, Kirk estuvo trabajando de Tesorero en un programa de la misma universidad, llamdo Organizacíon y Ayuda de Persona a Persona (un programs vietnamés para la adocíon de villas). En lo que respecta a sus metas quen en lo único que peinsan es in ir a Bolivia y tal vez después trabaje más con el Cuerpo de Paz o contuniue con sus estudios postgraduados.

More Recent

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and Work

Logan, Utah (Summer 1968)
Training: We were a mixed bag - about 15 married couples who went to the Altiplano; about 5 or 6 who served in La Paz at the University and with the orchestra; several who went to Santa Cruz to work in co-ops; a few in the Yungas with coffee co-ops.

Altobeni: to July 1970.
A few of us who ended up in the Altobeni (from Caranavi about 50 kilometers mas alla) with Heifer Project and Methodist Missionary volunteers. Going into Caranavi to have a restaurant meal, see electricity in action, and play with the flush toilets in the Hotel Esplendid were thrills. I figure I took the "camino de la muerte" about 18 round trips (but never on bicycle).

We left the Altobeni in July '70 when a group of "guerrillas" threatened to kidnap PCV's, abruptly ending 22 months of "work".

I then went to Ponce, PR, to train a replacement, but PC got kicked out of Bolivia the day before my assignment at the training center began.

I met my wife Susan when we were both VISTA vols in Silver City, NM in 1972.

Then I returned to Michigan State U and earned a Masters degree in Spanish language and literature. I have taught since.

We have two children. Jason works for American Heart Association and Jennifer is a struggling actress in New York City.

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