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Larry Crowley
Boise, ID
Training Biography

Larry Crowley
Age 24.
From Wheaton Maryland.
B.A., Economics & Soviet Studies, Univ. of Maryland.

Larry lists as his hobbies: basketball, swimming, and tennis. As his interests: history, Russian History, and classical music

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and Work

Cliza (November 1967--1969)
Cochabamba (1969-- June 1971)
I was stationed initially in Cliza for my first two years in the PC then moved to Cochabamba to work more closely with the electric company in Cochabamba - ELFEC and ENDE.

I worked initially with the credit union in Cliza, but also got involved with the construction (which was started by a volunteer who preceded me In Cliza) and completion of a small rural hospital In Cliza.  In 1969 I got the idea to try and get central station electricity to the Valle Alto.  That project continued on until we left Bolivia In 1971.


Since returning to the US, we lived in Colorado, Wisconsin and Idaho.  I have been working in the electric utility Industry since returning. Millie and I had two girls - Stephanie and Magen.  Millie passed away from cancer In June of 1983.  I have since remarried (May 1998) after being a single parent for 15 years. So now I have two step kids and a great family. 

My wife Kathy is an elementary school principal - I could not do her job!  Hobbies continue to be sports, mainly cycling.  I retired In 1999 from the corporate world and started a consulting business which specializes In energy and regulatory Issues and renewable energy technologies.  I am currently under contract with the World Bank and the GEF to develop solar markets worldwide. 

I have been back to Bolivia twice (La Paz and Santa Cruz) since 1971, both times on trade missions with the Department of Energy

PC In Your Life

The Peace Corps changed my life - I continually refer to my PC experience as the best thing I have ever done.  I believe that I learned more than I ever taught and got more out my experience with the Bolivian people than I ever imagined.

Best/Worst PC Experience

The best thing about my PC experience was
the ability to be in Bolivia and be with the Bolivian people.  I never felt more at ease or comfortable than when I was there.

I have many good memories from Bolivia; great friends;  my first wife Millie and I met at the PC office in La Paz, were married in Lee Arbuckle's house in Cochabamba and my first daughter Stephanie was born at Elizabeth Seton hospital.

Having to leave In 1971 under terrible circumstances, having to go out to the Valle Alto and pick up the rural electrification volunteers without any prior notice and without their being able to say their good byes - very difficult time for everyone.

RPCV Groups

In the Future
I plan to continue my consulting practice for the next few years, mix in some travel to Europe and South America and appreciate my family.
Favorites to Share
Movies: Too many
Books: Too many
Quote: "Patriotism means supporting your country all the time … and the government when It deserves It".  Mark Twain