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Anne Terborgh
Arlington, VA

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and Work
Guaqui (January 1964 -- December 1966)
Health education in schools, TB patient follow-up, Health screening for school children, teaching materials for schools.
  • Peace Corps Trainer (9 groups in Seattle and Puerto Rico).
  • Got Into family planning around 1970. 
  • Spent one year at HEW (now HHS) at the National Center for Family Planning Services.  Thanks to Lee Hougen for the referral that got me started. 
  • Three and a half years at the University of Puerto Rico as Coordinator of the Island-wide Family Planning Training Program
  • Two and a half years directing an international program at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC
  • 26 years with a DC consulting firm working on USAID-supported family planning, reproductive health and maternal child health training programs, primarily in Latin America. Worked In 16 countries over the years, but most Intensively In Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.
  • Specialized In low-literacy training programs for Indigenous health workers In Native American populations.
  • Retired 2003. Now a full time gardener and loving It! 

PC In Your Life

PC got me into a career in health education, training and international work that I never would have imagined doing if I hadn’t signed up for Bolivia 5 training in 1963. 

Best/Worst PC Experience

The best was being Invited to join a comparza of llamerada dancers performing In the 16 de julio fiesta In Guaqui.  Thanks to Bolivia Mines In-country training, I was even able to complete the compromiso to dance for three years. Better yet,   by the third year I Improved enough to move up from the last dancer in line (year one) to number two in year three.  What a blast!

Possibly the worst was spending an entire afternoon In a dentist's chair In La Paz getting seven fillings from a dentist using an old fashioned drill and without anesthesia. The curse of using Lima-Limon as a substitute for potable water. 

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In the Future
Is there a long term when you are pushing 70?  A saber
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