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Amelia "Millie" Cortinas
died June 1983.

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(1) Amelia Cortinas (l) and Pat Edwins (r) during training inWashington, July 1969. (from Pat Edwins)
Location and Job

PCV Group 36

Secretary in PC Santa Cruz Office 1969-71

  • Born and raised in Texas.
  • Moved to Colorado.
  • Peace Corps training in Washington, DC, two weeks in July 1969.
  • Already bilingual, so went straight to Bolivia where she served as Peace Corps Secretary in Santa Cruz 1969-71.
  • Married Larry Crowley in Cochabamba. Millie was gregarious and fun to be with.
    --from Pat Edwin


Millie and Larry had two girls - Stephanie and Magen.
Milie died of breast cancer in June of 1983.
--Larry Crowley