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Cathy Coolidge
Group 29.
Deceased Easter Day, 2003.
Training Biography
Catherine B. Coolidge
Catherine worked one summer for a law firm, another for an abstract and title company while completing her B.A. in humanities from Michigan State University in 1967. Four previous summers were spent in European travel when she covered every country except those 'behind the Iron Curtain. Catherine, like her husband, Bill, enjoys most outdoor sports. She is 22.  
and Work

Oruro (July 1967-1968)
TOEFL with University students and RR employee group.
Work with Father Javier at the hogar in Oruro.
The Coolidges resigned from service in 1968. McCabe returned to the states to attend Seminary.


Cathy Coolidge, deceased, Easter Day, 2003.

She was in poor health for a couple of years, stroke, and hip replacement surgery. We've been divorced since 1993. Mother of Robin, our daughter born 1969, died 1976 of cystic fibrosis. Molly was born 1970 now living in a group home in Chapel Hill, working at a vocational center. Angie we adopted in 1978, now living in Raleigh with her family, working at CISCO.

Cathy taught school in Washington, D.C. after moving to North Carolina and losing her daughter; she went back to UNC and received her MSW in 1979. She worked as a counselor until her death, with offices in Chapel Hill and Chatham County.
--(Bill) McCabe Coolidge


Cathy always had a bright, broad and contagious smile and friendly manner. She made you feel welcome whenever you visited--it was always great to visit Cathy & Bill. Like many of us, she had problems with Spanish and began with a clearly gringo accent. She took great care to say her name in Spanish, a slowly articulated Cat-a-li-na! Catalina always brought much energy and resolve to whatever she would do. Both the Coolidges were missed when they left Bolivia.
--Don Beck, Group 29, Oruro & Huanuni.