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Jules Beck
Fayetteville, AR
Jules Karoll Beck
Twenty-three years of age and recently married to Karen, Jules taught math last summer on an Indian reservation in a University of Minnesota social work project. He received his B.A. in philosophy from that university early in 1967. During his college years, various jobs helped him with college costs: cab driver, university accounting staff helper, and fieldhouse attendant. Jules' favorite sport is tennis. He was a varsity letterman two years while attending the University of Chicago, where he also played intramural basketball. Stamp and coin collecting are his hobbies. Jules calls Minneapolis his home


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For your amusement.
In West Africa last year ('06)
Honduras Oct.'05, facilitating leadership development.
.(5) Some of it's a lot of fun--other, not so much; here's such an example taken at the end of a long day.

and Work
Potosi (July 1967 -- July 1969)

I taught high school in a town of 259 in South Dakota for one year after getting home (chemistry, US history, world history, Spanish I and Spanish II). I then went back to school for a Master of Social Work degree and codeveloped an inner-city community involvement program -- I ran the program as a community organizer for 10 years. After that I became a technical writer for a number of years (my science background led to that after Reagan's budget cutting dried up social services for a good while). I got back into the business as Associate Director of Hispanos en Minnesota, an outpatient clinic for chemical treatment and education -- our clients were Hispanics, Somalis, and Hmong with a rare Anglo thrown in. I did fund raising and ran the after-school youth-at-risk program.

I then got into the disaster planning business (the planning for recovery phase) and codeveloped a system in Spanish; I installed software and trained people in disaster planning (Mexico, Peru...).

Along the way I served on the board of the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union, eventually serving three terms as president, and battling with the National ACLU over a number of issues.

I taught at the Univ of MN for four years while working on my Ph.D.; I've been an assistant professor here in Fayetteville for two years and am entering my second year as tenure-track. My interests are in international Human Resource Development and distance education.

Last year I facilitated some leadership development workshops in Honduras in October, in West Africa in February, and in Eastern Europe in April. I also have been fortunate enough to present some research at conferences here and abroad -- I'll be in Malaysia in November-December sharing some innovative distance education strategies (blended technology approaches).

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I can't imagine what retirement would be like ... I'm having too much fun right now, although getting used to the Southern style of thinking and acting is like another incidence of culture shock.
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