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Jim Ciotti
Tallahassee, FL
1967 Training Biography

James Geno Ciotti
Although his home is in Detroit, Michigan, Jim, 25, received his B.A. in anthropology from the University of Oregon. He helped defray college expenses with jobs as a jewelry salesman, frozen food plant worker, and part-time helper in the University of Michigan medical library. Jim has traveled over most of the United States and has also made trips to Mexico, Colombia, and Canada. He enjoys hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, photography, basketball, and tennis.

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I got married to an English U.N. Volunteer, Judy, while In Bolivia. We had three kids: Megan, Louise, and Ben, who grew up with their mother In England - luckily missing out on my chaotic version of dementia. 

Megan is now a "witness for peace" In Indonesia (did the same thing In Guatemala). Louise is an Architect  in Bristol and has recently gave light to Rose, my first grandchild. And Ben is studying for a Ph.D. in Ocean Science at the University of Delaware. 

Judy and I moved to England in 1979 and separated after about a year there.  I married Anne Swerlick in 1987. She's a Public Interest Lawyer mainly suing the the state of Florida concerning health care for the poor. 

I've worked as a social worker in Michigan, was a human services planning supervisor in the Department of Social Services and Governor's Office in South Carolina, and worked in the mental health system at the district and state level in Florida.  I've taught political science at Florida State University and political science and public administration at Barry University.  For the last few years I've been self-employed as a photographer and a producer of a DVD concerning life on the Altiplano (in other words - not gainfully employed). 

After the Peace Corps I received a MSW from Western Michigan University and a MS and Ph.D. in comparative politics and international relations from Florida State University (my dissertation was a comparative study of politics in Bolivia and Colombia.)

After a 30-year hiatus, Anne and I visited Bolivia for 3 weeks in Dec. 1999 (what better place to spend Y2K.) and then lived in Cochabamba for six months In 2001.  I've spent a month filming In Bolivia In 2005. 

I've lived In England for a year and Anne and I have traveled in the South West USA, the Yucatan, England, Italy, France, and Turkey.

As for hobbies and interests: 
I watch politics and international affairs closely and do a lot of bitching about - international capitalism; neo-liberalism; privatization; the US electoral system (the lack of true electoral choice); the dismal laziness of the US electorate, media, and Congress; Bush, et al; and the current mess the US is in both domestically and internationally. 

I read a lot - mysteries, true crime, serial killers, history, politics, science and physics, things slamming conventional Christianity and religious thought (in a scholarly way, of course), etc. 

I like cooking, hiking, traveling, photography, computers.  

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The Peace Corps and Bolivia have had a profound influence on me - I've never recovered really. 

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My Website: http://adventuredog.org/....a lot of Bolivian photos and some essays from my visit in 2001