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Joe Hudson
Flint, MI
Training Biography

Joseph recibió ambos titulos en matemáticas de la Universidad del Estado de Michigan. Tiene especial interés en la enseñanza de la matemáticas y piensas regresar a dar clases en el nivel universitario y a llevar a cabo investigaciones. En lo que respecta al presente, José dice: "No s´de lo que se trata ni s´todo lo que a mi se refiere, pero sí sé que por alguna razón estoy aqui."

Edad: 24 años. Titulo universitario de la Univ. del Estado de MIchigan: maestría de la misma Univeridad. Especialización: Matemáticas.

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Location and Job
La Paz, Bolivia Group 34 (September 1968--September 1970)
Math professor in the University in La Paz.
Joe then was a professor of math for many years at Kettering (then General Motors) University in Flint. Joe passed away suddenly from a heart attack in the early 90's.

I remember him as a very gentle and caring individual who found love late in life while on a tour to India. He was only married a year or two before he died. I learned of his death from the obit page of the Flint Journal, contacted his wife, and attended the visitation. It was only the second time I had seen him since PC, the first being at some event at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor when Peace Corps was being honored for its contribution to world peace (in the late 80's I believe). I am sure there are others who served in La Paz who knew Joe much better than I. Perhaps they will read this and share their memories of him.
-- Kirk Harder
, Group 34