Where are they now…? Linda Gruneisen      (continued from p. 6)

rounded by breathtaking landscapes, had numerous significant archeological sites and offered some fantastic day hikes. It was easy to envision how the development of a museum there would give tourists a good reason to spend time (and money) in Llica.

However….., to make an already long story just a little bit shorter….it took me almost a full year of bumbling through and improving my language skills to recognize that there was more to the story.

  • The mayor who had dreamed up the project years earlier, secured the loan and requested a PC volunteer had died in a catastrophic auto accident 2 years prior to my arrival.

  • There was significant turnover in the leadership following his unfortunate departure.
  • The mayor in charge when I arrived was either not qualified or not empowered to manage the responsibilities.
  • Six months after I arrived at my site, yet another new mayor was elected and he did not support the idea of going into debt for a museum when his town did not offer basic services.
  • When I finally had all of this sorted out I had to agree with the new mayor!

Fortunately I was able to request a new site and spent the second year of my service in another worthwhile project.

However, I don't see the time I spent in Llica as a loss in any way (though it has taken me a few years to fully appreciate that fact).

The valuable lesson I learned is that sometimes supporting people who decide NOT to complete a project is just as important as helping them make it happen. I know that in my case it was!!! I actually believe that the museum plan can come together for Llica some day….once they have completed their more pressing public works projects!

Linda Gruneisen is the Human Resources Director for a specialty retailer in South Florida.

Be an Amigo: Vote & Join the Board!!                                (continued from p. 1)

happen in early spring! Steven will be returning soon to the U.S., so he will likely shift to a local time-zone position at that time.

Losing Two Members:
Bill Sherry, Eastern Time Zone member whose two-year term ends March 1, 2004, has announced that he will not be running for election. Bill has been serving as our webmaster, a job he has offered to continue, and Membership Coordinator, which he will give up, as only a board member can hold that position.
I will be resigning from my position on the board and as Election
Coordinator in March, as I will be moving to Mexico and will not be able to arrange for sending and receiving ballots by mail.  Postal ser

vices where I will be are still somewhat unreliable.

Need New Members!
Other standing board members include: (elected) Ken Rustad, Mountain Time Zone; Patt Behler, Central Time Zone; and Hugh Pickins (Eastern Time Zone). Since bylaws allow for membership from five to fifteen, there is room for more!

Please consider board membership!
Most Board work is conducted by e-mail. Ken Rustad continues to provide overall coordination of our efforts, but he -- and the rest of the other board members -- could use help with making and keeping this a vital and useful organization.

As Membership Coordinator, you could help get the word out and encourage others to join AMIGOS.

The Election Coordinator position requires some fairly simple tasks --
preparing and mailing ballots, counting and reporting votes in coordination with the Elections Judge -- whenever a board member must stand for re-election.

This organization has great potential as a vehicle for sharing
experiences, communicating, staying up on host-country affairs, initiating projects, etc. New energy and ideas are both welcome and needed. If you are a member of AMIGOS, you are eligible to petition for board membership, by contacting
me at ckinsman2@aol.com or 505-242-9207. Your petition will be submitted to the board for consideration. It's an easy process, so don't be shy!   
Carolyn Kinsman,
Election Coordinator

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