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As previously reported in the
NPCA News, the House of Representatives has passed a huge Fiscal Year 2004 appropriations bill that includes $325 million for the Peace Corps. The Senate has delayed action on the omnibus measure until it returns in January. Fiscal Year 2004 began in October .

The Senate is expected to take action when the second session of the 108th Congress convenes on January 20. If the Senate approves the omnibus measure, it will go to the President to be signed into law. Until that happens, the Peace Corps and other government agencies are being funded at FY2003 levels through a continuing resolution that expires in January.

We have called upon Peace Corps alumni and friends to advocate for the Peace Corps budget as the

FY2004 foreign operations bill has moved through Congress over the past months. We are grateful to all of you who responded to our action alerts and contacted your Senators and Representatives in support of full funding of the President's FY2004 budget request for the
Peace Corps.


Dissatisfied with how things are going and wondering what you can do to change it? See a troubled world while living in a country with so much potential to ameliorate many of the world's ills? Well, we want YOU! With you as a member of NPCA Advocacy Network, together we will make the world a better place. By establishing a network of advocates in each Congressional District, we will:

-Pressure Congress to fund the Peace Corps at the levels consistent

with the President's goal to double the size of the Peace Corps by 2007.

-Push for a more pro-active role on the part of the United States in
combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

-Promote the United States as a leader of Peace, Friendship and
Understanding throughout the world, especially with developing and transitioning countries.

-Make the United States a leader in fighting Global Climate Change, a force particularly harmful to the developing world, and a pro-active leader in cleaner, renewable sources of energy.

Join the Advocacy Committee today! Go to www.rpcv.org/pages/survey.cfm?id=33 or call (202) 293-7728 ext. 21.

Vasquez Will Remain Through Current Term

Date: December 17, 2003
To: All Peace Corps
From: Gaddi H. Vasquez, Director
Subject: Announcement

After nearly two years of service and work with extraordinary Volunteers and staff, I have found my time at Peace Corps rewarding and fulfilling. The decision I made to resign my position as Peace Corps Director was one of the most difficult I have had to make in my professional life. My decision was made while I was facing difficult

challenges that prolonged medical issues can impose on a family.

In light of my continued desire to serve, and with the concurrence and support of my family, I intend to remain in my present role as Director of the Peace Corps through the end of the current term. I am honored to have had the support and confidence of President George W. Bush in my decision and I look forward to carrying out the important initiatives that remain to be completed.

As we begin the new year, we can all celebrate the accomplishments of achieving a 28-year high in the number of Volunteers serving and a historic high in funding levels for the Peace Corps. None of the
aforementioned successes would be possible without the support and deep rooted commitment at the Volunteer and staff levels both here and overseas. I thank you for your support and friendship over the course of the past two years and I look forward to working with you in 2004.

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