From Amigos Peru Coordinator                                        (continued from p. 1)

on my way from one barriada to another...perhaps going to teach "arte" to tiny tots in a newly formed Cuerpo de Paz nursery school or getting up early to go for a free breakfast (a fringe benefit!) at the Hospital de Empleados.

I was teaching English classes to those who wanted to learn enough English to read the instructions for assembling incubators and other equipment.

The people that I met are still vivid in my mind; of course, they are all 40 years older and some are gone already. I hope they remembered me as fondly as I remember them.
Even now I keep in touch with some of my Peruvian friends; one, who was

in the university then, has been married, taught school and been a principal, and now is proud to tell me of their two boys who are graduating from the university. When Victor heard that Peace Corps was returning to Peru, he was so excited. He thought that those of us who were there in '62 would be coming back to work again. In some ways, I wish I could, but, no, I don't think I could handle it now.

But I am happy that there are other PCVs who are there, following our earlier paths, helping, teaching, listening, laughing, loving with those who are welcoming them to their country. Time goes along pretty fast, I'm discovering; we always hope that what comes next is even better that

what happened before, but, I say to myself, "Will the new volunteers have a richer experience than I did? " I hope so, but, I really doubt it. My Peace Corps days, now past, are a precious memory."

Patt Behler
Arequipa, 1962-1964

P.S. I would like to hear from
AMIGOS/Peru members about thoughts on projects that we can undertake to make our organization grow in stature and in numbers! Please let me know using contact information
on p. 2.

It's not too late to order a great Peru calendar for 2004!

As members and friends of AMIGOS de Bolivia y Peru, we can help
raise some money for our organization by buying calendars!

Here's how! First, take a look at the calendar on the web page at
Looks good, doesn't it? Next, INSTEAD of ordering directly from
the web page, send an e-mail to Carlos Cruz at in Peru putting the word AMIGOS in your e-mail and telling him how many calendars you want to order. The price is $8.00 USD each plus shipping and handling charges (about $2.00). He will respond, telling you what the total cost for your order will be,how to make your payment and asking you for your mailing address. You

should receive your calendars in the mail soon after your payment is made.

Think big! Remember all those people you have talked with about our work, our friends and our hopes for our South American neighbors; give them a calendar!! Buy as many as you can. We will receive a substantial part back from each payment for AMIGOS, for
use in supporting projects in our host countries.

For more information or questions, contact Patt Behler, Peru Coordinator using contact information on p. 2.

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