Where are they now…? Gerard Maguire      (continued from p. 1)

rently live, to complete a graduate
degree at Columbia University in
Finance and Latin American Studies. Since August 2002, I have worked with IBM in Armonk, New York.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, I assisted in the creation of community banks in
the neighborhoods surrounding Tarija, and gave classes in basic business
skills as well as provided periodic accounting and finance assistance in the

main office of the NGO. My daily duties involved attending meetings of the community banks that were created by the NGO.

Peace Corps has had a lasting impact on my life. For one, it solidified my interest in pursuing an international career and allowed me to develop an appreciation and understanding of a foreign culture.
I also respect the simplicity of the

lives that many Bolivians live. But, more importantly, I appreciated the opportunity to become a part of the lives of the Bolivians with whom I worked, such as being a guest at my counterpart's wedding or sharing meals with the members of the communities where I worked.

Gerard Maguire, New York City

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