Peace Corps Day Celebrate a Legacy of Service

To commemorate the 42nd anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps, returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) will celebrate Peace Corps Day on February 28, 2003.  RPCVs will be visiting classrooms, community organizations, and workplaces throughout the United States to share the knowledge and insights gained from their overseas experiences.  As every RPCV knows, part of the Peace Corps' mission is to educate Americans back home about the people with whom they lived and worked. When RPCVs speak about their Peace Corps experiences, they enrich the lives of students, neighbors, and colleagues.  RPCVs also raise awareness of the Volunteers' ongoing global contributions and plant the seeds of community service. 

Peace Corps Day is your opportunity to promote a better understanding of the people of your host country among the people of your current community.  You can participate in a variety of ways: Perhaps

you have photographs, artifacts, music, or folktales that you could share with students or other groups.  Consider asking another RPCV to make the presentation with you.  Two or more viewpoints will give your audience a broader perspective of the work of Peace Corps Volunteers and might make the experience more enjoyable for you.  You might encourage your local newspaper to run a story about your experiences in the Peace Corps or to publish a letter to the editor about Peace Corps service.  You might also want to participate in one of the events being organized by Peace Corps recruiting office. 

Last year, more than 6,000 RPCVs shared their overseas experiences in elementary schools, secondary schools, and colleges and universities throughout the United States.  Nearly 500,000 students were visited by an RPCV.  RPCVs also gave presentations to community groups, at their workplace, and in places of worship.  Through the reporting of

their overseas experiences, RPCVs continue to build bridges across cultures--bridges to friendship, cross-cultural understanding, tolerance, and, ultimately, peace. 

Whether you choose to bring your Peace Corps experience to a local school or take part in one of the activities mentioned above, participation is key in helping Peace Corps achieve its third goal.  Sign up to participate today!  Online registration is available on the Peace Corps Day website (
  All respondents will receive a free presentation kit.  The presentation kit includes souvenirs for your audience and materials to help you prepare for and promote the day. 

Visit the Peace Corps website for more information.  If you have any questions, contact the Peace Corps Day Coordinator at or call 800.424.8580 (press 2, then ext. 1961).

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