Newsletter of Amigos de Bolivia y Perú, Inc.

News from PC Bolivia

Winter 2002

and the cocaleros (led by Evo Morales).  While the debate has remained relatively peaceful so far, rumor has it that the situation may escalate after the first of next year. 

We are hopeful that any civil unrest (road blocks, protests, etc.) will not negatively impact our program or pose a safety threat to our Volunteers.  However, we will be keeping a close eye on the situation over the coming weeks. 

Peace Corps remains fully committed to doing everything we can to locate missing Volunteer Walter Poirier.  In early December we initiated another

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Volume 13, Issue 4

President's Message

This is my last message as President of Amigos de
Bolivia y Peru
and we may
or may not have another president in the future.

Some affiliates of NPCA don't have presidents. There are RPCVs who are not joiners and are not comfortable with the slightest form of hierarchy. We've heard from

some Peru and Bolivia RPCVs who might consider themselves in that category.

National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) contacts affiliates via a category they call Group Coordinators. We use the title Steering Coordinator since much of the work

involves forwarding the mail and e-mails to the officer deemed appropriate or to the membership as a whole.

The future or the nature of the position of president will be decided by the Board with input by the members. This may also

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