Newsletter of Amigos de Bolivia y Perú, Inc.

President's Message...

NPCA 40th Conference

It is time for elections again, including for president of Amigos de Bolivia y Peru.

Appointed Board members serve two years terms then they must be elected by the current members in their time zone to remain on the Board for a six year term.
The ballot includes a statement of their record

on the Board during the two-year term and their goals for the six year term.

Other candidates may seek office based on a statement of activities with other entities they think might be applicable and their goals for Amigos de Bolivia y Peru.

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From: Diane Hibino
To: Ken Rustad
Sent: June 25th
Subject: 40th NPCA Conference

Ken, want to report on the weekend's events that I attended:  The opening ceremony went well except that President Toledo could not make it, at the last minute.  They had to interrupt

the program several times when they thought the live audio-feed from Lima, Peru, was coming through.  He did speak to us finally and it was very good.  A group of about 30 of us went to Tutto Bene on Friday night and enjoyed aji de lengua, pique a lo macho, and silpancho. 

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