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News from PC Peru

Autumn 2002

Greetings from Peace Corps / Peru.  The doors are open at our offices and the four transfer Volunteers have almost a month under their belts in sites in Piura and Ancash. Our staff tripled recently with the arrival of drivers, secretaries and even a librarian!

Ken Goodson, our Program Director, has been on the road almost non-stop since his arrival in July. We are in the midst of looking for 30+ sites for the group of

trainees scheduled to arrive in November.

We will continue in the provinces of Piura and Ancash, but will also throw Cajamarca into the mix. For those of you who served in these areas you know how lovely they are and how great the folks are.

Even though for most people Peace Corps is a new idea there are always a few folks who remember Fulana or Fulano the PCV of the late '60s or early '70s. So and

so who was a great dancer or so and so who taught them English.

There are also a number of Volunteers who have never left or came back years ago to settle down here in Peru. These folks are also wonderful resources for the new Volunteers.

The Volunteers who transferred from other Latin American countries are all working in

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President's Message...

Yachaspa always needs more articles. NPCA is dominated by RPCVs who were teachers, largely in Africa. There are awards for newsletters and now web sites (also individual RPCVs and RPCV groups.)

Relatively few  Volunteers to Peru were teachers and even fewer to Bolivia. I know this is

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a little like being back in school but the more of you who participate in literary type activities, the more diverse the viewpoints. RPCVs run the gamut in this regard.

We are also adding a section of where we are and what were doing -- yet to be titled.  Former editor Dave Dolson

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(Bolivia RPCV), started a feature of mini-biographies-what you did in the Peace Corps and what you've been doing since. 

Dave's two-year Board term is over as of October 31, 2002. We hope he will participate in various ways including as a contributing editor. In addition to his

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time, Dave also made substantial contributions out of his pocket. He simply did more than his budget allowed. Mil gracias Dave.

We need RPCVs to serve as the
Peru Editor / Bolivia editor.  Ray Brown is the acting editor of Yachaspa. 

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