Newsletter of Amigos de Bolivia y Perú, Inc.

Annual Report for 2002

Spring 2003

The decentralization of activities within Amigos de Bolivia y Peru has taken time. A lot of progress was made in 2002, largely due to Bill Sherry taking on the duties and responsibilities of Membership Coordinator.

Previously, the newsletter editor maintained address data for mailing lists.  We've now worked out the coordination to the extent that Bill and interim editor Ray Brown coordinate the non-content aspects of putting out the newsletter on their own.

Another major change with regard to the newsletter distribution is the use of e-mail newsletters in place of postal newsletters for those members with e-mail addresses.

This has reduced the percentage of members dues spent on the newsletter from 39% to 23%. The funds saved allowed increases in other areas, including an experiment in using Microsoft SharePoint, a multiple access web based data system.  After two months, Bill Sherry decided to do it by himself.  If and when Bill decides to prevent

his burnout or has done enough, he has committed to working for a smooth transition, including the possibility of using a multiple-access web data system.

I, Ken Rustad, experienced extensive damage to my computer and some software from the Klez 32 virus.  I ended up buying a new computer with better security but received so many Windows and Norton security updates that I was unable to open e-mails in Word and Adobe etc. for which I

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Volume 14, Issue 1

In Peru, Again!!

What a deep joy we feel knowing that the Peace Corps is once again working in Peru!

Those of us who served during earlier times have fond memories of the friends that we made there, the jobs we did and the grandiose plans that we had for a continuing presence in the country. Now we are able to start thinking once

again of going ahead with some of those plans, even though they may be carried out in absentia. Coupled with this enthusiasm is
our desire to support whatever new programs and new ideas may result from the work of the current and future volunteers.

As a Peru coordinator of
Amigos, I want to wel

come you to consider a planning process that can include all of us, working together to accomplish great things for the benefit of "nuestra Peru hermosa."

First and foremost, I intend to establish ways to intensify contact with as many Peru RPCVs as possible and encourage them to become mem

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