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Prize at Reunion Offered
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More ADD-ON attendees!
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More Reunion-- Important!!!
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Peter Stubben '71 Article
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Early Years of PC/Bolivia

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Tom Finan foto...
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Estes Reunion Help...
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115. 11/11/2007
Biog Book for Group 28

Tom Yerg has sent in pdf files of the Biographies Booklet for Group 28 -- THANKS!
It is now posted in Links Section, with the others, available for download.

Tom is looking for pictures and stories and people from his grop, Bolivia 28-TB Control. If you know of anyone fromthe group or have pictures of them, please contact him through this site.

114. 11/11/2007
Group lists for grops 13-27.

Fred Wepprecht has sent in lists for groups 13 to 27 from PC DIrectory in 1966 -- THANKS!
It is now posted in Links Section, with the others, available for download.

113. 11/11/2007
PeopleSection Revamped

To accomodate more names as the group lists are building, the People Section has been restructured. You can choose to go to various group lists that are now included. AS more namesand information emerge, they will be added:

  • names,
  • sites,
  • years of service.
  • pictures
  • training biographies
  • remembrances for deceased
  • biography of your service and since service

You can also inspect and/or download lists of people listed in ABC order or by group.

Help us add more names, find their contact addresses.

Send them in to Don Beck, webmaster.

112. 9/28/2007
More Reunion Photos In and posted

Alan Rom sent in a slew of photos from the Reunon-- THANKS!

  • Many of which are now online.
  • Displays have been revised and expanded
  • More than 200 photos now posted
  • Captions to be added daily

Please send in your suggestions for captions and stories to go with any pictures you see

And send in more pictures to put up!

111. 9/8/2007
Reunion Photos posted

Reunion Photos Posted on this website now...

  • Work in progress
  • Links to larger versions of "thumbnails" shown to be added daily...
  • Photos of all Attendees: Many thanks to Bil Baedke who worked to get everyone's picture!
  • Misc Photos: Photos from Terry Linkletter, Paul Fisher, Bill Baedke, Barb & John Field, and more...
  • Groups photos

Send in your photos to share the collection.

Peace ---Don Beck

110. 8/27/2007
Remembrances collected at Estes are posted... (a few pictures more to be added)

All the remembrances (about 20+) received have been posted (see Bios section, under Remembrances).

  • Please send in any corrections or additions.
  • Some were unsigned... if you see yours unsigned, please let me know so your name can be added.
  • Feel free to add more of tyour what's already posted, or to some not yet posted...
  • Also pass on pictures to post under Remembrances as well.

Don Beck

109. 8/23/2007
Sharing photos from the reunion...

PS Paul Fisher has posted some pics as well... ADD YOURS TOO!!!
thanks Paul!!!

Date: August 20, 2007
Terry Linkletter, Grp 40
RE: Fotos from Estes Reunion

Hello, everyone. . .
This reunion at Estes Park was a memorable life highlight for me.
I recommend that for now we use to share the pictures taken by those who were there. It's an easy environment.

  1. Using your web browser, go to, where you will see this:
  2. For the Email Address, always type
  3. For the Password, always type chicha
  4. Click the Sign In button
  5. Now you will see this:
    • Click See All Albums. If there is a picture album you would like to
      view, double-click it.
    • If you would like to create a new album from photos on your computer,
      click Upload photos and follow the instructions. Give the album your name,
      so the rest of us will know it's yours.

Note that because we all sign in with the same name, we can add color commentary to anybody's photos. You are welcome to do this - and give your name in your commentary: (e.g. TerryL)
--Terry Linkletter

108. 8/23/2007
Awesome Reunion...

Thanks to all who participated -- setting it up and most importantly, attending and sharing again. We're ALL still bringing it back home. A good idea that just goes on!

Such a wonderful time! Too short!

  • So many conversations.
  • The joy of wonderful smiles.
  • The "catching up" on so many years.
  • The still-meaningful-dream alive and well.

Let's do it again!

Share your thoughts and pictures.. they will be posted here.
This site will continue... as will Chichas-Bolivia googel group!

107. 8/21/2007
A source to buy Bolivian items

Date: August 21, 2007
From: Jeff Fletcher, Group 29

Here's a link that might be worth putting on the website at some point:
Bolivia -- see Links for more info

106. 8/15/2007
Ed & Lee & Emily Reverie! ... from Chichas-Bolivia Google Group messgaes

Date: August 13, 2007
From: Lee Arbuckle, Staff
RE: Thoughts on native prairies from Emily Dickinson

Hello all,
Maggie and I have been pretty tied up on developing a native grass seed and wildflower seed harvester for the past five years. The best definition of insanity is a one track mind.

Jerry and Terry Perkins have spoken to us a few times through the looking glass in that time.

Then this piece of poetry
To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,--
One clover, and a bee,
And reverie.
The reverie alone will do
If bees are few

--- Emily Dickinson (1830-86)

So now we need time for the reverie.
See you in Estes.
--- Lee

Date: August 14, 2007
From: Ed Stoll, Grp 31 (Honorary 30 tambien)

Your salute to the prairie through Emily Dickinson perfect for the moment as I sit here in lobby of the YMCA in Este Park looking once more at the grandeur of the Colorado Rockies, a light rain falling.

See you soon.
-- Ed

Thanks, Lee! Thanks Ed!
As 100+ of us begin to wing, drive, and amble our way to join you!

105. 8/13/2007
4 New Bios -- and -- Another Attendee!

Welcome to Stacy Rhodes-- who used to go by "Bill" -- from group 34 who will be attending the Reunion. Has to travel Friday late, so is planning to arrive Estes Saturday AM. We're looking forward to seeing you Bill, er, Stacy!!!

In his email to Dwight Steen:
Some news and a quick question or two: I have just been able to arrange things at work and at home so I now can actually come out to Denver/Estes Park for at least some of the Bolivia old-RPCV Reunion, and I am very excited about doing this. I just got a reservation on United Fl. 933 from DC on Friday 8/17, which doesn't get into Denver until11:25 PM Friday night. I couldn't get off work here Friday so I can't get out there for the Friday evening events, unfortunately. But I will try to rent a car at the Airport and if I can find a cheap motel on the road from the Airport to Estes Park to sleep, I will be able to get up there Saturday AM at a decent hour. I guess I will have to do the formal registration at that time on Sat. AM, if possible, but I don't see that option on the reunion website (is there some way to do it online now?). In any case, I am excited about coming and look forward to it. I will fly on to Tucson out of Denver on Monday AM. I can't believe that I will actually see Gino Baumann, Fred Caploe, Pete Gendebien, Jerry Perkins and Lou Stelzner all in one place again; amazing.

.... There's more to his letter... but the rest is now under his Bio. Check in Bios under other groups...

Anyway, Dwight, I hope to see you (and Don Beck) next Saturday. Any recommendations from either of you on how to register/participate in the reunion, etc. will be welcomed. Also, Dwight, if you have a suggestion as to where I should crash this Friday night (around midnight) I would appreciate that -- is there a "Motel 6" (with the light on) along the road from the Denver airport toward Estes Park?? Looking forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you this weekend.
--- Best, Bill/Stacy Rhodes

New Bios:
Stacy Rhodes, Larry Crowley, Michael Fox, Peter Hansen... under Bios section Other groups...

104. 8/13/2007
CHUTZPAH Competition -- Bring your best Chuspa

Date: August 13, 2007
From: Peer Hansen, Group 36
RE: CHUSPA Competition / Exhibition - Bring your best Chuspa

The reunion organizers urged us to bring along some items from our days in Bolivia to provide some local color and show to the others.

One item easy to pack is a CHUSPA, which is the small handwoven bag used to carry coca leaves. I will bring a few along and suggest that anyone else who has one stored away do the same. We can exhibit them and have a straw poll on the best design.

Trading chuspas could also be in order. Other weavings would also be easy to pack and interesting to exhibit.
--- hasta Estes, Pedro Hansen

Sounds more like a "Chutzpah" competition.... not Quechua, but Yiddish... Pedro says, Hasta Estes!!!

103. 8/13/2007
Prize for BEST STORY....

Date: August 13, 2007
From: Peter Hansen, Group 36
RE: Prize for Best Story about Peace Corps Days in Bolivia

As those who have checked out the list of proposed activities at the Estes reunion may have seen, there is a story telling session scheduled for Sunday night after dinner. For that session, I am offering a prize of a genuine, handwoven, Tarabucu AWAYO for the best (most entertaining) story.

For those who forget their Quechua, an AWAYO is a rectangular cloth worn around the shoulders and used to carry bundles (babies, food, etc.), basically, a Cholla's backpack. The awayo on offer is a multi-colored striped orange / earthen tone
weaving that is about 50 years old, which I bought in 1971 and has been tucked away ever since.

Worthy of a good story, so refresh those old memories.
--- Pedro Hansen

102. 8/13/2007
Memories & Friendships...See you Friday!!!

Date: August 13, 2007
From: Lee Arbuckle, Staff
RE: See you on Friday!

Hello old friends and friends to be made,

It's incredible how this all came together so well thanks to Ed, Wally, Don Beck, Pat Edwins and many others. I'm getting really excited. Lots of friends I haven't seen for a long, long time. Now I wonder why it didn't happen earlier.

Life is willed, accidental, serendipitous, and the product of thousands of good and bad decisions. Something there was that took us all to Bolivia at that period of time at that age in our lives. Those values, that decision, chance and that remarkable country left their marks on us.and none of us has ever looked at the world through the same knothole again.

Let the memories be recounted, friendships be renewed, and a tip of the hat in remembrance of those who've passed on.
--See you Friday
Lee Arbuckle

101. 8/13/2007
Reunion Program... session on Saturday??

Date: August 12, 2007
From: Dennis Holt, Group 23
(taken from Bolivia-Chichas Google Group Site)
RE: Session on Saturday?

Dear friends & fellow former volunteers,

This is a follow-up to my statement on this site a few weeks ago that in connection with the planning & scheduling for our upcoming reunion & conference, in addition to my role as instigator & implementer of activities involving music & poetry, I wish to be taken seriously as a political visionary.

For many years, I have been actively promoting a renewed vision of this place we call home: the United States of America. Since about
1968, when I was in my third year as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia, I have been developing (in recent months with the assistance
of a number of others) a scheme by which we "good-guys" just might be able to regain control over the governmental processes & procedures of this national behemoth that we have been riding around inside the belly of, lo these many years - this US of A: a whale of a thing that, in recent years, has somehow - as a whole, as some sort of conceptualizable whole -abandoned or abdicated or eschewed many of its foundational principles as they are embodied in our Constitution.

And, as I have been hinting, & even more blatantly suggesting & instigating since the outset of this Iraq-debacle, what we need really
quick is something like a new Runymede, a conclave on a common field, a reconstitutive assembly, wherein we form a pact among us, that henceforth we shall be & do as now we see is best for all of us: a return to certain foundational principles, with an explicit avowal to
stick to them better next time 'round.

... (go to Chichas Google Group to read the rest of Dennis' heartfelt & lengthy message... and to Dennis' site for more information )

Can we schedule a session on Saturday afternoon so we can talk some about all of this? I also think it would be good to have a
discussion, panel- or otherwise, about the overall cosmic & historical significance of Che Guevara, who also served as a volunteer in Boliviaat the time we did, though under quite different circumstances.

Well, obviously I've said more than enough for a single e-missive. Please excuse any excessive verbosity. I'm looking forward to seeing
many of you again after all these years & to meeting many of you for the first time.

¡Viva la paz y nada más!
--- Muy atentamente,
Dennis "Nicho" Holt

100. 8/11/2007
PCV Listings...excerpted

Date: August 11, 2007
From: Bill Miller, Grp 41
RE: LIstings of PCVs

Here's what I remember as far as postings: ...[sites listed of most from his Group 41, see People]

Jim Root was in a little place called San Antonio, over by Lake Titicaca. He was on a hillside and had an amazing view of the Lake. I spent a week with him during in-country training. Alan Brown was in Sewenkani(spelling?) on the Rio Mauri, just north of my site(General Camacho).

I didn't travel much to other PCVs' sites. We collected together at the Hotel Torino in La Paz on paydays(and often inbetween).Got fried chicken at The Crazy Horse and great chinese food at a Red Chinese restaurant that sold copies of Mao's little red book of sayings. Good German food at The Rathskellar(sp?) where gunrunners and mercenaries used to hang out and drink beer.

1. I believe the Sibleys trained in Escondido.
2. I believe Alan Brown trained at Beaver Mountain
3. My group included... [see Group 41, listed in People]
That's 18, including myself. So I'm probably forgetting someone. In fact, I think there was one more couple. Their name escapes me right now, except that the guy was a Bob, I think. Pollock?

Pepe and Carol Moline might be able to clear this up for you. They've had more contact with some of the others, too.
We did most of our language training and day-to-day stuff at Beaver Mountain. We went in to Logan and the Utah State campus when we worked sheep, got vaccinations. We played around with irrigation on a small piece of ground out by Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border.

I'd like to have my name listed on your site. I was in Bolivia from 70-71. Trained at Utah State and Beaver Mountain. I'm thinking our group number was 42. But I've long since lost our mug book. And I'm in the middle of moving right now, so most of my PC stuff is all packed away. But I do have our in-country training schedule somewhere. That may have our group number on it.
When we got booted, I spent my last year in Venezuela.

In Bolivia, I was stationed at first in Camacho(on the train line to Arica). Transferred in to El Alto and helped build the Escuela Sandra Smith. Hung out a lot with Jerry and Judy Sibley. Did in-country training with Alan Brown and Jim Root, and a week at Patacamaya.

I was hoping to make it to the reunion. But I'm going through a divorce, house sale and moving. I really wish I could make it. Sounds like all will have a great time.

My e-mail address is: I don't mind having it listed. It's a kick to hear from old friends and acquaintances.
--Thanks. Bill Miller

99. 8/9/2007
Estes Events Calendar

Date: August 8, 2007
From: Bill Baedke, Grp 32
RE: Estes Happenings Calendar

I came across this calendar of events in Estes Park, which seems to have things like various music concerts, antique cars, and a cowboy sing-a-long for the time we will be there:
--Bill Baedke

Thanks Bill! Here is a Summary of Estes Calendar Events from 8/16-8/20 made from the calendar...
Though many events conflict timewise, family members, spouses, guests may prefer a different activity.

98. 8/9/2007
Reality Tourism uses Boivia [and elsewhere...]

Date: August 9, 2007
From: Gloria Levin, Amigos de Bolivia
RE: Reality Tourism...

The Latin American Studies Assoc will be meeting in Montreal soon. They have a film festival. One of the movies to be screened is:

Can't Do it in Europe. USA, 2006.
Charlotta Copcutt, Anna Weitz and Anna Klara Ahren, dirs. 46 mins.
English and Spanish with English subtitles

The film portrays the new phenomenon of "reality tourism," whereby bored American and European travelers seek out real-life experiences as exciting tourist "adventures." It follows a group of such international tourists as they visit the mines in Potosi, where Bolivian miners work by hand, just as they did centuries ago, to extract silver from the earth.

Fuller description of Can't Do it in Europe listed in Links from one of the dritributors.

97. 8/7/2007
See where Reunion Attendees are from...

Check the US map (sorry for those outside... you're listed just not as "visually") to see where folks are coming from for the Estes Reunion. We have information on all but four as to what state/country they are from.

Go into Reunion section, "Where from" prompt..... takes you to a US map indicating how many are from different states...

Where do the most come from?
Who is coming the farthest?

96. 8/7/2007
BOlivia Independence Day...

Date: August 6, 2007
From: Don Dilworth
RE: Bolivia's Independence Day

I was expecting some one to raise the subject... but 182 years ago today (August 6,1825) Bolivia became an country throwing off the yoke of Spanish rule. "Que Viva Boliva!!!"
--Don Dilworth, Grp 40

From: Ed Stoll, Grp 31
¡Que Viva!

From Gerry Bendix, Grp 36
And a volley of musket fire flys into the blue Bolivian sky!

95. 8/7/2007
For any future reunions we might have ...

Date: August 7, 2007
From: Richard Widman
RE: Just a thought..

Just a thought, but for those that make it to the reunion, and think about one next year or some other time, from August 15 to October or so, the air fare from most parts of the US is not much more than it is to Colorado from the rest of the US.

For example: right now American Airlines has September fares at $548 from DC. And the hotels are definitely cheaper. Also a chance to see how manyof the projects still stand and help the people.
-- Richard Widman, RPCV Grp 32, 1968-71 (one of those ejected),

94. 8/7/2007
Good Luck & 50th PC Celebrations coming up ...

Date: August 7, 2007
From: Gloria Levin,
President of Amigos de Bolivia y Peru, RPCV in Peru
RE: PC Plans for Various 50th Celebrations

The 50th anniversary of PC will be celebrated in 2011.

  • Events will be organized in each of the countries where PC has ever served; as you know, PC is back in Bolivia (and later, Peru). So that's an opportunity for a future reunion in country.
  • Another will be at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston.
  • Also, PC has reserved The Kennedy Center in DC for March 1, 2011 for a yet to be determined event.
  • But the big event will be held (partially) on the National Mall in DC for several days around July 4, 2011. PC reserved a space adjacent to the annual National Folklife Festival, and the idea is to hold the 50th anniversary reunion there (probably in big tents as was done at earlier such events) but with the added intention of educating visitors to the Festival (estimated at one million annually) about issues of global development and peace.
  • Of course, social events, etc. will be held away from the Mall -- at the hotel and/or local colleges, organized by RPCV country groups (via the National Peace Corps Association, NPCA).

PC cannot set the content of or organize the events, so RPCVs [and RPCSs] will have to step up to do so. (For those a bit out of touch -- "RPCV" = returned Peace Corps Volunteer [& "RPCS" = returned Peace Corps Staff].) The expectation is that alumni groups, such as Amigos de Bolivia y Peru, will organize events and reunions related to "their countries" to commemorate the 50th.

Our newsletter, Yachaspa, will keep Amigos members updated on developments, as will our website. Amigos Board members -- Jeff Fletcher and Diane Hibino -- will be signing up members onsite at the Estes reunion. Don Beck is our webmaster. If you're not attending the reunion, check in Links here for info on becoming a member and/or contributing to our Kantuta fund (which makes grants to current PCVs in Bolivia for their community based projects).

Have a great time at the reunion!! Kudos to the organizers for doing such a splendid job.
-- Gloria Levin, President - Amigos de Bolivia y Peru - (Arequipa, Peru 66-8 -- Gino was my "boss")

Date: August 7, 2007
From: Wally Higgins
I like the idea of a Reunion at the JFK Library. A beautiful site and an appropriate venue for such a celebration. I also happen to
live in Boston.
--Wally Higgins

93. 8/7/2007
Baumann Memo of 1971 for website...

Date: August 7, 2007
From: Peter Hansen
RE: Baumann Memo of 1971

For the historical archive, here's another item I found in my file on our days in Bolivia.  This two-page memo from Gino recaps the reasons why the Bolivian Government asked the PC to leave and offers some concluding thoughts to the volunteers. |

You may wish to include it on the webpage you created for the reunion. regards,
--Peter M. Hansen, Asuncion, Paraguay

(See .pdf file: BaumannMemo5.24.71.pdf, memo titled, "End of PC Operation in Bolivia")

Thanks Peter! Its listed and downloadable here now, thanks to you, under Links.

92. 8/7/2007
YMCA Estes Park Center Box Lunches; Visiting the Stanley Museum and Hotel ...

Date: August 6, 2007
From: Edward Stoll,
RE BoxLunches & Visiting places in Estes

Hi all Bolivia Peace Corps reunion people,

It won't be long now. As we approach the reunion we need to mention a couple of things that may help you make your stay in the Estes Park, Colorado area more enjoyable.

1. Those of you who are staying in the accommodations reserved for our reunion have 3 meals a day included in the price of your room. If you plan an activity which will not permit you to return to the Estes Park Center Dining room in time for lunch you can arrange for a box lunch. The YMCA requires, however, that we notify them 24 hours in advance if a box lunch is needed. So, if you know your will want, or think you might want, a box lunch for Saturday, August 18, we will need to order it before 11:30 a.m. on Friday. If you will want a box lunch for Saturday, August 18, please e-mail me by Monday, August 13. I can't guarantee I will get your e-mail after that since I will be traveling to Estes Park early in the morning on August 14. Orders for box lunches for Sunday can be placed on Saturday. If you want to spend any significant amount of time in Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday for instance, I would suggest you order a box lunch.

2. One of the places some of you may want to visit is the Stanley Hotel ( located in Estes Park. The Stanley Hotel which opened in 1909 was build by F.O. Stanley, an inventor and entrepreneur who was a native of Kingfield, Maine and was best know for the Stanley Steamer automobiles he and his twin brother built in Newton Massachusetts in the late 1800's and early 1900's. F.O. Stanley came to Colorado on his doctor's orders and eventually purchased a large tract of land in what is now Estes Park. He built the Stanley Hotel, a road into the Estes Park area, a power plant to serve his hotel and the town and was instrumental in the formation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915. The Stanley Hotel was at least in part the inspiration for Stephen King's book The Shining which was made into a movie and later a TV mini-series. The original movie was, I believe, not filmed at the Stanley Hotel, but the TV mini-series was.

The non-profit Stanley Museum, based in Kingfield Maine has a branch in Estes Park and they give a tour of their museum and talk about the history of the Stanley family and then connect up with a tour of the Stanley Hotel conducted by the hotel staff.
The hotel charges $10 per person. The visit to the museum and the tour of the hotel take about 2 hours. I have talked to my contacts in Estes Park and have been told that if we have at least 20 people who will want to tour the museum and hotel on Sunday morning from approximately 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., this can be arranged. There is also the possibility of a tour on Saturday morning and/or Monday morning at the same time if at least 10 persons sign up. So, if you are interested in hearing the Stanley story and seeing the hotel please e-mail me by Friday of this week because the tours need to be arranged in advance. If you have a preferred day please indicate that day and if you are flexible please let me know that also.

My e-mail address is:

Hasta pronto en Colorado,
Ed Stoll

91. 8/5/2007
Weather forecast and records at Estes...

Daily weather watch to see what kind of weather we can expect.
This weeks appears to probability of thunder showers, which seem to scattered showers for past few days.
Sun later in week...
Watch it unfold--- check daily.. Weather Watch

You can also click to go to the Web to fuller information.

90. 8/4/2007
More Add-on attendees...

Mike Bloom & Lonna Bloom (Pelton) both of Grp 9 will be attending.
Rita Horoguchi (Herbst) of Grp 33 & husband will be attending.

Brings Reunion total of 108 to 76 PC people and 32 guests...

89. 8/3/2007
Add-on and drops...

Mary Isabel Rajcan (Grp 29) and Steve Kraft (Grp 36) send their regrets that they will be unable to attend as planned.

Ken Rustad (Anyone know his group?) and Lee Hougen (Staff) are able to come for most if not all the Reunion.

88. 8/2/2007
Another Bio posted...

If you're coming to the Reunion, let people know more about you beforehand---> send in a bio!

Check out Miguel Schieche, Goup 40, Bio in Bios--Other Groups.

Thanks Miguel!!!!

87. 8/2/2007
Email from other trainees in Group 32 ...

Date: August 3, 2007
From: J & D Mulfinger
RE Training with Group 32

It is great to hear from our PC friends of forty years ago. What a fun group and how sad that Jan and I were purged right at the end of our training. Being pregnant and going to Bolivia were not compatible back then. We have carried many fine memories and have kept in touch with Dick Engen and occasionally Peggy Borschers (now Agnew).

Jan and I have had a great life in those forty years, she as chef and catering manager and I as an architect. We have two daughters and soon our fourth grandchild.

We followed Detroit training with a two year stint in Boston and a few years later with a two glorious years in
Rome, Italy. Since 1976 we have been back in Minneapolis although we sneak back to Italy as often as possible.

For the first decade after Detroit we stayed close to Tony and Peggy Borschers, sharing vacations and even the event of Woodstock. They have long since divorced and we only have seen Peggy when travel takes us through the Dayton, Ohio area.

Jan retired after a few decades of cooking for restaurants at our local art centers and she now take grandmothering seriously along with keeping me propped up and in the race.

I have a fun architectural practice (see, write on the subject of cabins in a local journal and a few books and teach architecture at the University of Minnesota or occasionally elsewhere.

We write this email as a catastrophe in our city puts a pale over local life, i. e. the collapse of 35W bridge. Our family, friends and colleagues are all OK and are not the unfortunate who were homeward bound last evening.

We look forward to hearing your stories and hope that in all our collective futures there exists US administrations that see the value of the Peace Corps as greater than the value of War Corps.

Dale and Jan Mulfinger

86. 8/2/2007
More details of the reunion...

Posted under Reunion: agenda and registration details you will have on Friday Aug 17.

You should also receive this in an email about this as well!!!!

WELL worth while to read before then!!!

¡Hasta Estes, pues!

85. 8/2/2007
Another Bio posted...

If you're coming to the Reunion, let people know more about you beforehand---> send in a bio!

Check out Carol Romey, Goup 33, Bio in Bios--Other Groups.

Thanks Carol!!!!

84. 7/29/2007
Descritpion of Reunion Activities: look it over ...

Check out Agenda & Program under Reunion -- more a visual summary.

Date: July 29, 2007
From:Wally Higgins
RE Summary of Reunion Activities/Planning

Attached (download Word .doc file) is a full-blown description (including stuff still under consideration) of what your Program Team (Lee Arbuckle, Don Beck, Judy Costlow, Pat Edwins, Paul Fisher, Wally Higgins, Carol Romey, Dwight Steen, Ed Stoll) has proposed:

  • Below is a summary of key elements.
  • We ask you to sign up on Friday evening for those parts in which you are interested, to get a sense of numbers.
  • It will also be possible to readjust programming, based on what people are most drawn to.
  • The idea is to have fun, and allow as much "self-organizing" as possible!

The program planning effort, really, is intended to stir up excitement and ideas --- as well as, encourage people to come prepared to share their learnings and lives of the last 40+ years.

The attachment (still forthcoming) is made up of:
1. Agenda
2. Program Option Details
3. Other Ideas under consideration
4. Mock Sign-up sheet

On Friday afternoon, please plan to go to the Bolivia Reunion Check-In first.
You will get room assignment, keys etc.
Pat Edwins has been circulating information on that subject.
Feel free to volunteer some time at the desk.

When you check in, there will be an opportunity for you to indicate those activities in which you have an interest -- or register one that you desire to sponsor/lead.

As noted on the attached MOCK SIGN-UP, there are 3 kinds of activities:
1. Scheduled (panels, presentations, after dinner sessions)
2. Self-Organizing (someone indicates they wantto get people together to listen to music, show a movie, etc.)
3. Local Adventure (hiking, shopping, restauranting, etc.)

Your signing up will help ensure that we arrange appropriate facilities for the number of people interested.
If you know now that you want to "self-organize" something, please let Wally Higgins ( know, indicating What & Hours (during afternoon or morning open times).

Presentations and Panels will be held before and after dinner, since we will not be able to do this during meals.
The Panels after dinner are more open-ended, such that people can continue the conversation as long as they want.

There will be equipment to display slides. Those who have a specific focus to their show, and would like to "advertise" please let Wally Higgins ( know. Otherwise, bring what you want to share, and we can have several "slide-a-thons", perhaps by group.

The afternoon slots (2:00-4:00) are a logical time for these shows; and, you can choose to do them anytime. Several teams have already indicated a possible interest in presenting on specific topics:

1. Jerry & Terry Perkins: Trip slides of mountains, including Chacaltya and others.
2. Peter Hansen: "Taxing Agricultural Land", based on a study he did last year for the World Bank on land taxation in Paraguay. He has some colorful slides, as well as a provocative policy prescription that offers an alternative to the traditional land redistribution schemes that LA has used over the past century.
3. Bill Keck: Showing of ¡Salud! DVD on Cuba model of health care delivery from project.
4. Ginny Atherton: Tres videos de Carnaval from a Bolivian Fiesta in San Fernando Valley.
5. ?? Your suggestion(s)??

On Saturday after lunch, Lee Arbuckle and Wally Higgins will be offering an opportunity for everyone to participate in a dialogue circle. A tradition in many Native American cultures, the dialogue circle is a way of engaging that allows participants to listen deeply and reflect on their personal experience in a collective forum.

On Sunday after lunch, we will be showing the famous/infamous Blood of the Condor (YAWAR MALLKU).

On Saturday evening, after the Panel, there will be an opportunity to play volleyball (organized by Judy Costlow) or engage in Storytelling (organized by Pedro Hansen, offering a prize for the best!).

On Sunday evening, after the Panel, Denis Holt has volunteered to lead whomever in a some kind of musicfest, for those who want to sing, sing-a-long, hum or just enjoy. In addition, those who bring CD can gather with like-minded souls in the mid-afternoons for audiciones de music and revisit the sounds of the campo -- or whatever they like.

A number of people have already expressed interest in exploring the surrounding environs, which are reportedly spectacular. There will be sign up sheets for both those who want to lead/offer transportation and those who want to join in. The mornings have been left open intentionally for such activities. If you already have a destination in mind and know how many people you can accommodate, please let Wally Higgins ( know so he can set up a sign up sheet in advance.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning have been left open.
Likewise, Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2:00-4:00 are open for "self organizing" and "local adventure" activities.
Or just hanging out.

We will have some dedicated space for our group, so displays of photos, posters or other items will be possible.
So far, Don Beck has offered to have available copies of PUES.
There will be a list of Deceased Bolivia Volunteers/Staff, so that your remembrances can be added to post online.
There will be info about Mano A Mano and Amigos de Bolivia y Peru's Kantuta Grants, both doing much in Bolivia.

All meals are served cafeteria style.
We will be sharing the Dining Room with others at the lodge, so you can arrange yourselves at tables.
Don Beck has provided "table games" to have fun during their meals remembering and sharing service experiences.

!Hasta Estes!
--Wally, for the Program Team
Attachment Word .doc file

83. 7/26/2007
Coordinating Rides to Estes...

If you wish to list when you will be arriving at Denver Airport (assuming you are coming in by air) so as to coordinate with others who may be arriving at similar times, you can list yourself in the Reunion --Arrivals section .

To do so, contact Don Beck who will then list you online in that section.

Please include (1) Who [how many], (2) Date, (3) Flight, and (4) Time.

You can then see who is coming in at a similar time.

IT WILL BE UP TO YOU TO CONTACT WHOMEVER- an email will be listed (an image so as not to be detected by roving bots for spamming)

Hope this helps.

82. 7/25/2007
From Karen Ostenso (Beck)

Date: July 25, 2007
From: Karen Ostenso (Beck) Group 29
RE Bio...

I am rather incompetent re:computers, so I will just give you a brief narrative bio, okay??

Jules and I had just married before entering training in 1967 and ended up divorced in about 1980. We do have one son.
Since leaving Potosi in 1969, I have gotten a degree in physical therapy from the Univ of Minn and have worked as a PT since 1974. I have always worked at Gillette Childrens in St Paul, which specializes in working with children with disabilities. It has been a very rewarding, and constantly challenging career.

When I read what other volunteers have accomplished after their service, I feel like I have been leading a very mundane and nonproductive life. I am impressed how many persons have done related work and had careers that dovetail with their Peace Corps experience.

The primary relevancy of the Peace Corps experience to my subsequent life is related to my choice of career. Before Bolivia, I had never considered PT as a career. While there, I saw several people with disabilities move about on small platforms with casters, propelling by pushing their hands on the ground. It seemed to me there had to be a better way. A great deal of my work has been related to wheelchair propulsion and related supportive seating.

I will not be at the reunion. It does sound like fun. I have had a very difficult year, with the loss of a loved one, and so am focusing on meeting the basic needs of my daily life for now.

I hope everyone has a great time!!
--- Karen Ostenso, Potosi, 1967-69

81. 7/25/2007
Reunion Group 30

Date: July 25, 2007
From: Dan Roque, Group 30
RE Reunion Group 30, Estes reunion and Website

Hola Donaldo, I just finished looking at the site you created on the web. You are so talented!. It is so groovy!.

You need more info from group 30 . (mi grupo) We just had our third reunion that I organized at the Nature Place here in Colorado. It was fantastico to say the least. we are such a tight knit group. We know about your reunion, but we wanted to have our own as we had planned it two years ago at our last reunion at Asilomar in California. The Nature Place is a beautiful place with great vistas and great food. (as if we needed more food). We had a great time sharing stories, watching slides, going on a trip to Cripple Creek together in a chartered bus through the mountains of Colorado. We talked , sang, ate, took pictures, laughed, cried and just loved being together again!.

We are planning out next reunion in 2 years back east. I'm on a Bolivia Peace Corps high right now so I want ed to share with you.

So, what are your plans when you come to Estes Park? I'm thinking I might drive up for a day to crash the reunion and see a few people I know. I know Ed Stoll, Dwight and Peggy Steen, Lee Arbuckle, Luisa from the PC office in Coch, and you too.

Peace, Dan

80. 7/24/2007
Check under Reunion for latest news...

Latest Schedule updates and info about planing any free-time activities (what little there is) is posted under Reunion here.

Those who have volunteered already MANY THANKS!... Still need several persons to help in Registration on Friday Afternoon. Let Wally or Pat Edwins or Don Beck know.


79. 7/22/2007
Biographies from training...

We are still looking for .pdf or .jpeg or xerox copies of training biographies for training groups...

So far we have Biographies for five groups (see under Links to download if you wish):

  • Group 29
  • Group 32
  • Group 33
  • Group 34
  • Group 36

And will take any others you might care to submit!!


78. 7/3/2007
URL sent in by Jeff Fletcher: photos of Salar de Uyuni

Check out new link under Links, in News and Travelogue Section. Lots of pictures; somehwat slow accessing. Photos of the salt flats and hotel made of salt blocks. Cactus too.
Thanks Jeff.

77. 6/29/2007
August 1968, Group Picture of Grp 33's Arrival in La Paz
Picture from Barb Field/Belden...

Can we get some help in identifying these people from Group 33?

Dave Dolson gave up the low down on this picture 7/6... THANKS Dave!!!!

  • El Alto Airport, August 23, 1968. Group #33 arrives in La Paz after a Braniff flight from Miami via Panama and Lima
  • (l to r) Donna Grove, Anita Abascal, partially hidden unknown male, Bill McNight, Judy Costlow, Barbara Belden, Jeff Sieffert (partially hidden behind Barbara), Pat Reynolds Smatla, Judy Miller Seiffert (hidden behind Pat), Juan Maidana (Aymara instructor), Art Levin, Larry James, Donald Ortiz, Peter Kalnay, Jerry Goodman, Maggie Love Goodman, Vicente Quispe (Ayamara instructor), Craig Sullivan, Frank McAlpin (rear behind Craig), David Dolson, Edie Denious McAlpin (hidden behind Dave), Eugenio Poma (Aymara Instructor), Harvey Buchalter, Georgia Gustafson, Ward Nicholson, Carol Romey, and John Gillespie.
  • Perhaps someone else from my group can identify the unknown male. I think he might be an RPCV who was involved in our training program--I can't recall his name despues de 40 años.

76. 6/29/2007
1971 Article from 1971 Coop Report magazine

"Building Co-ops Among the Quechua" an article (in .pdf file format) from Coop Report magazine, May-June 1971 pp1-4 discusses Peace Corps work in Bolivia, then, with improving farming techniques and building cooperatives.

Cover features Peter Stubben, group 36, working with potato farming and coops. See article in Links.

Also see Peter's almost completed biography in Bios for a more current picture....
Thanks for sharing Peter!

75. 6/22/2007
Anyone want to speak at the reunion... Don't be shy!

Date: June 20, 2007
From: Wally Higgins

To: Estimados Colegas Indicados
Each of you has been identified by one of the participants as a potential speaker at the upcoming Bolivia Reunion.

The "speech": 15-20 minutes on a relevant subject (with/without slides or video) that could be delivered during or after one of the meals. The idea is to offer some provocative thinking that might stimulate a more general discussion among the volunteers and their spouses.

Several subjects have already been offered up as possibilities [with potential speakers]:
“Future of PC?”
"What is happening in Bolivia today"
"Gaz por mar"
“How to ‘Bring it all home’ in 2007+”
“Women in Development (Latin America/Bolivia)”
[Carmen Diana Deere]
“Peace Corps in the Region Now” [Michael Hirsh]
“Reflections of Peace Corps uber-jefes" [G. Bauman, F. Caploe, L. Stelzner, L. Arbuckle, J. Perkins, P. Gendebien]

If you are interested and/or willing to take on this role at one of the meals, please let me know.
You are not limited to the "offered" subjects, if you have something else that you think might be more interesting.

74. 6/22/2007
Musical types? Band--Orchestra --Music!!

Date: June 22, 2007
From: Wally Higgins


It would be great to have at least one evening/afternoon of music jamming by those so inclined at the upcoming Bolivia Reunion. DENNIS HOLT has volunteered to lead the way, since musica (and especially musica latina) is his current vocation. I know others ---LARRY FUGMAN, por ejemplo -- are accomplished jug-band performers. At least, he was 40 years ago! PAUL BECKERMAN, if my memory is not totally mush, also is a virtuoso cellist.

If you are musically gifted -- or just an unabashed aficionado -- and interested in participating, please let us know. Please contact me directly at: whigginsATrcnDOTcom. This will help the equip de planning to arrange time and facilities.

Hasta Estes,---Wally

73. 6/21/2007
Volleyball Anyone?.... Tennis too!

Date: June 17, 2007
From: Judith Costlow, Grp 33

David Dolson suggested and I think it would be fun, that we hold volleyball games in the evenings or afternoons. We used to play a lot of volleyball in our training days. Is there anyplace we can set up a space and does the YMCA have the equipment? I am happy to call about it. ---Judy Costlow

6/20: I did contact the YMCA and they have three volleyball courts available. We just have to check out the equipment from them and play. I don't think we have to reserve, but I will check again as we get closer. ---Judy

6/21: You might want to arrange for a few oxygen bottles, just for us old timers! --Paul Fisher, Grp 40

Jules Beck, Grp 29, reminds folks to bring a tennis raquet; he's ready to play!

72. 6/19/2007
From Dennis Holt pics and soup!

Date: June 18, 2007
From: Dennis Holt, Grp 23

I was in Bolivia 23 -- an agriculture-co-ops-community-development group. We trained at Utah State with Bolivia 22 ( I think it was), which was a teacher-training group destined for Santa Cruz. As I said earlier (on the Chicha-site), I worked with coffee-processing co-ops in the Yungas (Departamento de La Paz), near Coroico, & then later in Coroico itself, together with such other volunteers as Larry Stearns, Jim Ray, George Johnston, Frank Cunningham, Alan Jacobs, Bill Winkles (who just happened to be the grown-up older brother of the little girl I had had a huge crush on in the 6th grade), Larry Fugman, Bruce Bushey, Brooks Herndon, and Bill & Sheryl Doyle. (Have I forgotten anyone?) And then there were the TB-control volunteers: Bob Whittaker, Ed & Linda Wardle, Mike White, Diane Hibino, & others I must have forgotten. What a time it was!

I'll put together a bio-statement for you soon. I'm attaching a older photo (see Bio), from about 1973, when I
was a graduate student at UCLA.
--Dennis Holt

Look forward to seeing you at the reunion!
Check out Dennis' recipe for Nicho - Andean Chicken Soup in Links

71. 6/16/2007
Early Years of PC/Bolivia ...

Date: June 12, 2007
From: Nancy Sturdivant, Bolivia I

I am resending my request for any response to persons from the first two groups of volunteers who went to Bolivia. (My Bolivia I group is included here as blind carbon copies so they can respond to the if they wish or not - whatever they might prefer.)

Bolivia I trained at the Univ. of Oklahoma in the spring of 1962 and then went to Camp Rio Abajo in Puerto Rico for a month of outward bound. Then to LaPaz for some in-country training before being assigned to LaPaz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, the Beni, Tarija, Sucre, etc. We were primarily Public Health oriented. Nurses and engineers mostly. We wanted to assist and help with water supplies, Public Health and schools of nursing.The second Bolivia group was also Public Health oriented with the addition of agriculture nand farming. There was a need for better and safer milk production at that time and the second group was involved in that. It was a great time to be in Bolivia even though the 60's was still a time of such unrest.

Communism was thought to be such a great threat. We even had one of our volunteers captured and held for a time. And we all remember the Cuban Missile Crisis.President Kennedy was asassinated while we were in Bolivia. The volunteers came together in mourning. The people of South America had seemed uplifted by the fact that then President was Roman Catholic and such a friend to them. They had for the most part welcomed us into their midst. It was a sad time as we all mourned together.

We are the "olsters" of the Peace Corps generation, but many of us are still active. I support the Peace Corps and its ideals and ways of working with peoples. In times such as these, the efforts of the Peace Corps loom large in my estimation.Would like to hear from you.
--Nancy Turner Sturdivant, Bolivia I (1962-64)
Date: June 13, 2007
From: Pete Stubben
Fabulous to hear about PC-B #1.

Hey Nancy & Robert:
Assigned to boosting food staples during the late sixties, I was traveling up these freakin' mountain passes to very remote high-altitude farming plots. These farm families practically lived on mountain peaks and everything was imported (not, though, fine leather furnishings from Bari, Italy). It was a subsistence life for these rural Bolivians.

Anyway, I'm up with these guys and they invite me in to their homes for moti & Spanish, just Quechua...and they have large stones for chairs, etc., etc. and, low and beyond, at this one home I was pretty much stunned. There pinned up on the adobe wall was a photo of Jack Kennedy...PJS
--- Pete Stubben, PC-B, '69 to '71
Date: June 13, 2007
From: Lee Arbuckle

How great to hear from you and the quick summary of your group and training. I'm not sure you know that the milk sanitation effort went on to be a backbone of the development of the Planta Industrializadora de Leche (PIL) under the direction of Luis (Lucho) Barron, and effort that continued to involve Peace Corps volunteers. Peace Corps participation in that effort was still fondly remembered on my arrival to Cochabamba in 1968.

When Peace Corps was expelled in 1971 under the government of Gen. Juan Jose Torres and the Marxist Asamblea del Pueblo there was a lot of Sturm und Drang in the papers. It was common to hear expressions of sadness and regret in the sites as the volunteers withdrew. The most touching moment for me was when with all the volunteers gone, I went to the airport Jorge Wilsterman in Cochabamba.

As I waited for the flight to be called, I was approached by a man about 40, balding with a crew cut of his remaining hair. It was Humberto Yugar of Salud Publica. Peace Corps hadn't had a program with Salud Publica since about 1966. He introduced himself and gave me a small woven vicuña scarf with the words "This is in thanks for all the volunteers who worked with Salud Publica", and went on to express his regrets at the decision of the government.

Not knowing how to contact all of you, I kept the scarf until it passed to other hands from a coat rack when I was in graduate school. Did you know Luisa Rojas?
---Lee Arbuckle
Date: June 13, 2007
From: Nancy Sturdivant

Dear [Lee] Arbuckle,
I will use that name since it is all I have to go on. I just wanted you to know that I was delighted to read your email. It helps tie things together for me since I never really understood what had actually caused the Peace Corps to be ousted from Bolivia since I have not seen the Condor movie. It feels good to have a connection with
someone who was actually there.

I know some people have not had great experiences in their assignments, but I loved being in Cochabamba. I did work at the Public Health Center there and I do believe that the person you mmentioned Humberto Yugar was there when I was. A thoughtful and kind person as I remember - who gave me a gift when my assignment was finished. {I don't know if he is the same person, because I lost my journal that I had when I was in Bolivia in one of my moves back here in the States and it included some names and things that I regret are lost.

Anyway, he helped us start a latrine-building program in Tiquipaya outside of Cochabamba. Lois Duffin, another nurse and myself, roomed in the home of Armando and Alcira (I think Ramirez was their last name). Anyway, he was actually the local "curandero" of the town and had a little store on his property as well. A. & A.lived across the street from the plaza and the R. C. Church. Lois and I taught hygiene in some in the local schools, helped the Sisters of Charity do physicals for the kids and we had a little clinic there as well. We even started organizing a Girl Scout troop. The men in our group were busy building water supplies for folks and also making bricks and building schools and lots of other activities involving agrigulture and other projects - generally making friends for the USA since two of our fellows married Bolivian girls..

Since ours was the first group in Bolivia we sort of set the pace. That's why the Blood of the Condor seems so shocking to me.. I would love to hear more about your experience in Cochabamba and Bolivia. I could go on at length talking about it. Hope to hear more from you.

Dear Pete,
Great to hear your story. Ah, those rural Bolivians! I remember one little old lady tramping miles to get to our clinic because she knew the Peace Corps nurses had transportation. (We drove blue jeeps in those days.) The lady's daughter had gone into labor and the baby had come out feet first. By the time we drove the woman back home, it was just too late to save the baby so we wrapped the mother up in a blanket, laid her in the back seat of the jeep and drove her to the hospital in Cochabamba. She survived that ordeal. I always admired the "country folk." Some would get a little high on chicha, but they were good people and loved their families.

Thanks again for your story. Fascinating to think how even those in places far away were touched back then by what President Kennedy did.
---Nancy Sturdivant
Date: June 16, 2007
From: Forrest Craven, Bolivia VI

Greetings! Yes, it was Humberto Yugar for sure. He was also working with us in Tiquipaya after you left. We had very positive relations with the people there and surrounding areas; they would have been surprised about the Blood of the Condor movie too. I think it was showing while I was still there in country and it was no big deal then. In fact, I don't remember it being a major issue at least through early 1970 when we were still popular throughout the country.
--- Forrest Craven, Bolivia VI
Date: June 17, 2007
From: Don Beck, Bolivia Mines, Grp 29 (67-69)

Hello to all from the early years! I have to add my own appreciation of hearing more about what happened from day 1 in Bolivia. I was in group 29, Mines group... so listening to Nancy and Pete and Lee and Forrest is like filling parts of a story I never quite knew what pieces were even missing!!Keep the flow going.

Hopefully Lee will write about much of this... (I think he wants to write more about it all). I have posted much of this on the Bolivia 60's-70's Group site... and will continue to do so if you dont mind..Check out this site! And share your pics if you like as well!! Thanks! sdpcs
----Don Beck

70. 6/16/2007
Estes Registration Help ...

Date: June 13, 2007
From: Jeff Seifert, Grp 33

Hi this is jeff seifert group 33 and this is for Luis and Gino both of you worked actively to keep me and Judy Miller from marrying in Bolivia there were reasons like me being from a minority group... I am still trying to figure out which group that might be... In any event I would like to report that Judy Miller and I will be celebrating our 39th anniversary in September --- so much for shot gun Peace Corps weddings.

A few years back I had the opportunity of returning to La Paz, and went to the old Hotel Torino, it has been renovated and become quite the yuppie enclave. La Paz is pretty much the same with the addition of a Radison the only major change I could discern.

Oh, and finally after Judy and my catastrophic Peace Corps experience I do report that about six years ago I applied for the position of in country director and was selected as director for Mongolia I politely declined seeking a more respectful venue... Somewhere that serves drinks with umbrellas.

Much love
--Jeff Seifert & Judy (Miller) Seifert

69. 6/16/2007
Revised list of Reunion Attendees ...

Latest list is posted in the Reunion Section of those attending in August.
68 PC volunteers, staff & support and 32 spouses/guests.

Fine group of people and some good times to be had by all!!!

68. 6/16/2007
Estes Registration Help ...

Date: June 16, 2007
From: Tom Finan

Here is a recent photo (see it in his Bio). I'll send some more when I return to Maryland and you will see that without the hat there is no hair. Also, did I notice correctly that you have a home in Sligo, Ireland? My grandfather on my father's side immigrated from Tuppercury, a small town about 20 miles from the city of Sligo in County Sligo.

We have visited there a couple of times as there are some distant Finan relatives. Most of them are in dairy farming although for years one Bridget Finan ran a pub just off the main square in Tuppercury. On our first visit there a number of years ago we visited Finan's Pub on the recommendation of my parents who had been there several years before. Upon entering, my wife Mary Kay and I noticed a woman tending bar who was dressed in black from head to toe.

Approaching her, I asked "Are you a Finan"? She replied "No, I am a McNamara, but I married a Finan and that's my last name, but I am a McNamara." After we introduced ourselves she went to the cash register, opened it, and produced a photo of her and my parents taken on their visit. We spent three days there and had a great time. Thanks for posting the photo in my file on your website. ---TOM.

I live in a town called Aclare, in County Sligo, north and west part of the republic of Ireland. It is halfway between Tobbercurry and Swinford. My partner is a vet for the area and may take care of the cattle of the Finans and the McNamaras.
Strange how all our worlds are tied and linked together!
Thanks for your pic and looking forward to more! --Don Beck

67. 6/15/2007
Estes Registration Help ...

Date: June 15, 2007
From: Patricia Edwins
All Attending the Reunion

Help with Registration - Friday August 17 - As We Arrive...
Registration officially runs 3pm to 6pm.

Would anyone be willing to help with the registration
packets? It would be nice if this person planned to arrive a
little early. If you live in the area, all the better. Thanks
--- Pat Edwins (San Diego) email me:

66. 6/11/2007
Estes Reunion Help ...

Date: June 11, 2007
From: Wally Higgins
To: All Attending the Reunion and/or who wish to help...

!Saludos a Todos!Your estimado equipo de planning has crafted some thoughts on programming for the Gran Fiesta de Agosto. Attached are a proposed GENERAL blocking of time with some POSSIBLE activities (several of
which are actually underway -- see below) and several SUGGESTED names for leading or organizing specific elements.The intent is to provide some minimum amount of structure and impetus to enable stuff to happen, without attempting to be too prescriptive or obsessive. We see this whole thing "evolving" as we go along, such that, ultimately, what happens is what wants to happen, and everyone has fun!In that spirit, your additions and comments are invited, and your willingness to take ownership and/or leadership with some element(s) that excites you, is encouraged! Please send those suggestions and
volunteer information to Wally Higgins directly.


FYI Some things are already underway, so contact these people directly, if you want to help:
Lee Arbuckle, Don Beck, Judith Costlow, Pat Edwins, Paul Fisher, Wally Higgins, Carol Romey & Ed Stoll
+ Developing options for programming

Ed Stoll & Wally Higgins
+ Collecting deposits
+ Organizing room registration

Pat Edwins
+ Registration packets (name tags, meal tickets, etc.)
+ Providing directions & logistical info for Estes Park

Don Beck
+ Setting up website
+ Maintaining info data base (names, addresses, groups, etc)
+ Facilitating design of logo
+ Researching T-shirt options

Lee Arbuckle, Don Beck & Ed Stoll
+ Chasing down groups & individuals to invite

Lee Arbuckle, Don Beck & Wally Higgins
+ Organizing talking stick groups

Dwight Steen
+ Scouting the Estes site

!Hasta Estes!
65. 6/9/2007
Re: Inventor Lee Arbuckle...

Date: June 7, 2007
From: Ed Stoll
-- posted on Bolivia-ChichaPCV Group

More congratulations and good luck to Lee and Maggie Arbuckle!
---Ed Stoll

See Article posted in Links

64. 6/8/2007
More Photos -- in Other Groups....

Check out new photos posted from
• Other Groups,
Pat Edwins, Group 36
...........Dennis Holt, Group 30?
• Jim Kauppi, Group 29

Photos Section was full and sluggish. It has been divided into several sections so each should load more quickly.

THANKS!!! Keep those PHOTOS coming in!!!

63. 6/7/2007
From Trish Muldugno-Furman ...

Date: June 7, 2007
From: Trish Muldugno-Furman

I finally am back on the Internet. I still have a little problem typing but my finger is getting better. Physical Therapy is the pits but I remind myself of the saying, "no pain, no gain".The web site is wonderful. I am enjoying reading all about our fellow volunteers. I am very impressed. Memories are flooding my mind and I am staying up entirely too late clicking on all the different titles.
Thanks. I will post my bio soon.
--Peace, Trish (Patty)

62. 6/6/2007
From Anne Terborgh -- PCV in Bolivia 5 stationed in Guaqui and Trainer for Mines Group 29.

Date: June 6, 2007
From: Anne Terborgh, Group 5

It was fun talking to you and visiting the web site to see the Mines group after so many years. I will be forwarding the web site to the rest of the Bolivia 5 group in case anyone wants to join you in August. It is ironic that we have our reunion in September, only a couple of weeks after your big reunion. Wish I had known about the Colorado reunion sooner, but, asi es la vida.

I am attaching my bio info. You will have to do some editing. I seem to have gotten a strange mix of colors and fonts in my responses. I will always miss Word Perfect and reveal codes. My best to all the gang!
--Abrazos, Anne

61. 6/5/2007
From Frank Keim...

Date: June 5, 2007
From: Frank Keim, Group ?

Sure. Here's my info: Bolivia CD, 1966-1968, Tiquina, Altiplano, Bolivia.
Currently living in Alaska...
[Contact info under People section, Contact Information.]

Which group was that Frank?

60. 6/5/2007
From Tom FInan -- Bio and Coming to Reunion!

Date: June 5, 2007
From: Tom Finan, Group 29

Thanks for taking care of uploading the bios. Attached is mine without a picture. I will hopefully have a picture to send shortly. I look forward to seeing you in Estes Park.
--Best, Tom Finan

59. 6/4/2007
From Julia Moore: Bio with Salteñas and T-shirts!

Date: June 3, 2007
From: Julia (Judy) Moore, Group 29

OK Don, here is my bio. I wasn't sure how to put the pictures in. They seem to work, but if you need me to send them differently let me know.

I'm attaching the salteña recipe (see Links section) from "Epicuro Andino." (My copy is stamped "Propriedad del Cuerpo de Paz: Lending copy -- sign out and return as soon as possible")
....Oops.I hope you enjoy the part about the cow's hoof. There is an alternative for that item at the bottom. If you get somebody to make this, don't let them substitute a more healthy shortening for the lard. The pastry will not be nearly as good, nor will the taste be as authentic. (Come on, how often are we going to eat these? Once or twice more in our lifetimes?)

T-shirt ideas
I do have ideas for a T-shirt, but I'm not willing to do the actual artwork for it. I've done this before and found it (for me, since it's not my field) incredibly time-consuming.Simple designs tend to work a little better graphically. Is this for the whole reunion or just our group? If it's just our group I would suggest a graphic of a miner's helmet with the words "Bolivia Mines" below it. If it's for all the groups, obviously it needs to be more generic. For me, a llama is the most immediately recognizable symbol of the altiplano that could easily be simplified to a shape. A big diablo mask on the back...

We pobably won't have time for salteñas at the reunion, but your recipe looks muy interesante! I don't think we could get the cow hooves.. but...oh well, it makes an interesting read!!
AND Thanks, Julia, for the t-shirt suggestions (you even included stylized photos!!! A great help.

58. 6/3/2007
John Smith and Sharing Bolivian/Latin Music...

Date: June 3, 2007
From: John Smith, Group 29

You may be dreaming (about something), but, YES, I did say I was interested in contributing to whatever music we may have at the reunion. I have an extensive collection of Putamayo CDs; my wife gets most of the new issues, since she sells them at the Skagit Valley Food Co-op where she works. There is not a lot of Bolivian music that gets recorded on that label. There is a good cross-section of Latin American music, however and I will have more time in about 3 weeks when I am due to retire! You can let the others who are interested in bringing music know and we can exchange information soon and figure out how to present it. Do we know what kind of "formal" presentations there will be or just how things will be organized?
--John Smith

Yes... Don Morley Grp 36, Alan Rom Grp 36 and you will need to connect. You are all knowledgeable and interested. Check on Chichas Group for more. Thought so far include:

Already that has been a flurry of emails about music that people have or would like to revisit, be it the “wailing Cholas” from the mercados, or Santana, who emerged when we were down there.  This is a real opportunity to create the sounds of Bolivia and PC.

Possible Categories:
Bolivian music of the campo 60’s & 70’s
Contemporary Bolivian/Andean
American music of the 60’s & 70’s

-Don Beck
57. 6/3/2007
Bio and info about Mano A Mano

Date: June 3, 2007
From: Joan Velasquez (White), Group 29

Hi Don, thanks for being persistent - I have been lax in completing this bio but have finally filled in the form you sent and am attaching it here. Being technologically challenged, I haven't been able to do the photo scan - that added to the tardiness of this response - but promise to actually send a photo in one form or another.

I appreciate your interest in Mano a Mano [see Joan's bio or Links for more info]. Yes, we accept individual donations. We have a website: that includes a Paypal donation opportunity. If you send me your mailing address, we can also snail mail some newsletters and brochures. In reality, our lives have been totally consumed by this project in recent years. We started by simply collecting medical supplies. Now Mano a Mano has a 76 clinic network, plus several other projects. We have primarily had foundation funding up to this point but most foundations will not continue to fund the same organization for more than three years so we are trying to expand our individual donor base.

I'm sorry we won't be attending the reunion. But will be very interested in reading everyone's comments and their bios.
--Joan Velasquez (White)

56. 6/1/2007

Some new sections have been added.
Please send suggestions and updates -- ideas, corrections and criticisms

  • Contact Information
    As people are found, if they wish to have their contact information listed it can be. Contact information section is set up simialrly to People section.
  • Groups
    As this site now serves all 60s & 70s groups, people of all groups can be listed. Let us know who to add so the listings will become more complete. See People section.
  • Deceased
    A new listing under People. If you know of anyone in our groups who has died, please let us know so we may let others know.
  • Group Training Biographies / Directories
    Any these appear, they will be made available for downloading. Check under in Links.
  • Bolivia News
    As people find news of interest, let us know and we can post it. These will be posted as URL links in the Links secton.
  • Photos
    Photos has been expanded to display photos from all groups, as well as genreal pictures of Bolivia--during service and in the present. Check the Photos section.

55. 6/1/2007
Mug Shots from Training Biography Booklets...Still need them from: Grp 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40...
If you have access to any of these, please let us know!

Date: May 31, 2007
From: Connie Thrasher (Jaquith), Group 34

Yes, I have our group booklet - where do you want it sent - I don't have a scanner - I can get it scanned at work if you want, but otherwise it would be hard copy.
-- Connie

Date: May 31, 2007
From: Barb Field (Belden), Group 33

I am enjoying this reunion event but we need to find more altiplano folks. In my group (33?) we had 60 or so to start but only went in country with twenty or so...I can't remember. We trained at Antioch College June - August of 1967 and in Santa Fe June-Aug of 1968 and to LaPaz in late Aug.
--- Barb

Now folks can see what we looked like --- way back when! ..(see Bios )
Besides using them for bios, the booklets are
online in Bios to download if you wish.
Some people seem to have held onto more than others! So far we have:
  • Grp 29--Thanks, Jeff Fletcher!
  • Grp 32--Thanks, Bill Baedke!
  • Grp 33--Thanks, Barb Belden!
  • Grp 34 in the mail--Thanks, Connie Jaquith!
  • 1970 Directory PC Bolivia (see Links for download)--Thanks Steven Kraft!
54. 5/29/2007
Posting photos?

Date: May 29, 2007
From: Don Morley,
Group 36

This site is awesome! Love those photos from training days.
Any way to get photos of the Logan wheat coop/ sheep group up there? I bet we all looked a whole lot better way back in '69!
I also wish that more of the Altiplano fellows from Logan '69 were going to Estes.
I'm glad that Jeff [McKenna?] will be there.
--Don Morley Group 36 [posted on Chichas Bolivia Group--see Reunion-->Group Listserv]

YES! We will post pictures if you send some in -- email files please!
Your info is posted now--awaiting your bio!
53. 5/28/2007
Blood of the Condor and Expulsion PC from Bolivia 1971

Date: May 27, 2007
From: Bill Baedke

Here is a site with clips from Bloof of the Condor.
[See Links - Blood fo the Condor]
BillDate: May 28, 2007
From: Gloria Levin, Amigos de Bolivia y Peru
Here's the info and news clipping about PC's removal from Bolivia.
[See Links - Expulsion of PC from Bolivia ]
Gloria Levin

Thanks Bill and Gloria!
Anyone knowing where a copy of the film can be found, please contact here...
52. 5/27/2007
Website format changing...

Date: May 27, 2007
From: Don Beck

On the Mines website, you will see some changes...
It is now formatted to include all Groups of 60's to 70's.... Mines Group is still there.. but now there will be more too. Check it out. Get those bios in.People from other groups are beginning to send in their information to posts here. For example:
--Bill Baedke, Pat Edwins, Pete Stubben have already sent in info.
--Training pics & bios for Group 36 attending the reunion are posted.
--More to come as it comes in!

  • There are/will be biographies from other groups.......Under Bios... under Other Groups
  • There are group lists from #29 to #40........Check out Groups Lists under People
  • There is contact info for other group members: Check out Other Groups under Contact Info
Get the word out and your info in! THANKS...
Don Beck
51. 5/24/2007
from Judy Moore...
Date: May 24, 2007
From: Julia (Judy) Moore
I actually am interested in attending the reunion. I'm checking with Ed to see if there are any accomodations left. I have been on a series of extended trips for most of the spring, and out of email contact much of the time, so I am just now sorting through emails and other business.I confess to being a bit overwhelmed and confused by the volume of emails coming my way from the Bolivia-Chicha PCV thing. I haven't joined the Google group -- does that give me more than I can get on your web site (which is great, btw)? I'm not very interested in messages from people in other groups. I hope to be able to read people's bios and catch up a little more in the next few days.I promise to get you a bio and some photos in the next few days. I do have a few good ones from Tatasi and Colquiri. Most of the Bolivia photos I have are in slide format, so I will have to get them put in digital form -- that will take a little longer. Allen actually has the majority of the photos from our time in Bolivia. I'm sure he has some great pictures of Jim and Teresa's wedding. I don't have any. Do you want these photos posted on the web site, or are they for a slide show at the reunion?I have a recipe for saltenas from the Bolivian cook book I brought home. I made them once when the Langans, Jeff, and a few other folks who were in town got together at our place in DC many years ago. I am happy to furnish the recipe.Thanks for all the organizational work you are doing.
-- Julia(PS. In Jim Kauppi's photo Meeting with the Ambassador 1, Allen is sitting right next to me in a beige polo shirt. You might want to add his name on the caption. Also I don't care if you call me Julia or Judy on these photo captions -- I expect people are confused in any event.)
50. 5/21/2007
IDs made.. (responding to DesPUES #4)
Date: May 21, 2007
From: John Smith

That is Wanda Echevarria. She was stationed in Telamayu for a while when I first got there. She was from Florida, Cuban grandfather, I think. I don’t know what group she was in, but hers predated ours.

Jeff should remember her, too. A local guy once said to her: “Por que se oculta su belleza detrás de los lentes?

Date: May 21, 2007
From: Dwight Steen

One of Jeff Fletcher's photos labeled Beer and Cacho-the other person in the photo is John Bullet, Cochabamba Regional Rep in 1967.

49. 5/22/2007
DesPUES #4

Date: May 22, 2007
Subject: DesPUES #4

(1) More than 100 photos posted!...
Don't forget to see pictures in BIOS as well!
(dont forget to turn in YOUR bio!)
Photos has been reworked & expanded...
Thanks Jim Kauppi for so many pics...
Everyone... keep em coming!

(2) Photos needed from:

-Día de San Juan
-Diablada dancers
-La Paz
-Mt Ilimani


3) Stories to share

-Tell of trips you took or work you did.
-Projects you did...
-Did you Read Great Bolivian River Trip
by Tom Gale & Jim Wright? AWESOME! under Service.

(4) Can anyone make SALTEÑAS?
Any place to buy salteñas or bolivian food in Denver?
Any way to bring frozen salteñas from elsewhere?

(5) Can you identify "Wanda"?
Seated with Bob in Caroico--larger in Service photos

(6) Share links you like about Bolivia/Latin America...
Add to what we have now (See Links online)

(7) Send messages to post if you wish...
ALSO you can join Chichas group as well (under Reunion)

48. 5/21/2007
Help! Trying to find... (responding to Msg 46)
Date: May 21, 2007
From: George Smith
Subject: Historical Photo
Yes, its Ruth and myself at our wedding- June 18, 1969- in Santa Cruz. The other lady is Ruth's cousin Margie who came down for the wedding.You're right about the best man - Archie Brunne (sp?) who was office manager for PC Santa Cruz. Archie married a PCV from an early group, first name Marty, I don't remember her maiden name. They moved to Cincinnati Ohio (Marty's home) during the 70's. Archie worked with the Catholic diocese in
Cincinnati, long retired I'm sure.The wedding was at Tony Edwards home in Santa Cruz. Tony was a beef cattle specialist with the British Tropical Agricultural Mission. He had spent most of his career in Africa. He returned to Africa after
his tour in Bolivia and retired there. Ruth and I will celebrate our 38th anniversary next month. Two kids -
a son who lives in Dublin Ireland with his Irish bride and a daughter who lives in Knoxville with her husband. No grandchildren yet but that will change in November I'm told.Oh yes, Lee its agricultural economics, not soil science.You can find out more at
47. 5/21/2007
Help! Trying to find... (responding to Msg 46)

Date: May 21, 2007
From: Lee Arbuckle
Subject: Re: Do you recognize...

The bride is Ruth Torresa PCV from Puerto Rico and secretary in the Santa Cruz office of the Peace Corps. The groom is George Smith, Ph.D. in Soil Science and the Ag Technical Rep in Santa Cruz region from about late 67 to mid 1970.I believe Ruth trained with the CD tecnicos group and instructors at Cenpritec in El Alto [Group 32].

George is a prof at U Tennessee Knoxville, still happily married to Ruth. They can't attend the reunion as his classes start in mid August.
Do you recognize the other man to the right with the bride and groom?
Perhaps his name was Archie?
And do you remember someone named Wanda?

I can't give a positive identification of Archie as I only briefly looked after the Collicamba volunteers from the Vallegrande area. I'm sure that George Smith, Ruth Torres, Tom Gale or Alan Rom can put us straight.As to Wanda, I seem to remember a lot of girls in Santa Cruz named Wanda...certainly made one's mind wanda'. Con o sin mascaritas...Carnaval, Carnavalito, Carnavalingo y Carnavalongo.I have a memory of Santa Cruz being described by el estimado Dr George Smith, and his bemusement at the doubters that wondered why the city long term plan had laid out 8 circumvulaciones and whether it could ever reach past the first. I believe at that time the plaza and for one block around the plaza the city was paved with enlozetada. Taxis were well 4WD Toyota jeeps or motorcycles.As I recall there was a rural education project in Santa Cruz that had some very interesting people in it. Sadly none are registered to come to thereunion. Names anyone?

Then there was San Julian's John Bilderbeck [Group 34], last sign of which is Colorado somewhere and Tim Zucal [Group 31] of Robore on the Brazil border, last sighted in Mexico about 8 years ago(from Ohio originally).