(above) Dancers arrive via Lake Titicaca. | (AP Photo/Juan Karita )

Bolivian dancers don colorful costumes for Guinness record attempt

by Sarah Eberspacher

There are parades, and then there are parades.

Friday's celebration in Guaqui, Bolivia, definitely fell into the latter category. More than 2,700 dancers arrived, dressed in traditional costumes, for an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest group performing La Morenada. The dance, according to anthropologists, is a satire, inspired by the suffering of slaves who were brought to Bolivia to mine Andean silver.

While it's a sobering origin story, the dance today exists as a part of the country's living history. No word yet on whether the record attempt was successful, but take a look at the fascinating photos, below. --Sarah Eberspacher

(below) Bolivians perform the popular Andean folk dance. | (AP Photo/Juan Karita)

(below) A tuba player heads for home following the festivities. | (AP Photo/Juan Karita)

(below) Dancers perform La Morenada. | (AP Photo/Juan Karita)