Peru: Alberto Fujimori to be moved to new prison built for him
May 7, 2008 -

by Israel J. Ruiz

After accusations were made that Peru's former President Alberto Fujimori was living in a "golden cell" and being treated like a king, the Ministry of Justice opened an investigation to verify if the claims were true.

Local media in Lima reported that the former president, who is currently on trial for allegedly taking part in murders and kidnappings, was not abiding by prison regulations and had countless privileges normal prisoners did not have.

It was reported that Fujimori did not have set visiting hours and was receiving visits from lawyers, family members, congressional representatives and "unknown women" at all hours.

Furthermore, claims were made that Peru's former president had a laptop, cellular phones and had run up a $5,000 phone bill in calls to Japan.

Less than a week after the accusations were made, the country's National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) announced that Alberto Fujimori would be moved to a new prison, which had been built exclusively for him.

The new prison is to be on an 891-square-meter piece of land and will be 405 square meters large.

Fujimori will be the only inmate at the prison, which will have an office, a patio and an infirmary.

It has been announced that the former president could be moved within the next 15 days.